Dramarama #7: November 2022

It’s telling when a mainstream brand goes after an indie brand over the pettiest and unnecessary thing. As we’ve seen within the last two years, indie brands are on the rise and as more people start spending on small businesses, big brands throw tantrums or cajole customers with sales. Welcome to Dramarama, where I spill the tea on the happenings in the beauty community. Get comfortable as we chat about bitter brands.

Cease and Desist for what?

Sugary Cosmetics has been one of my favorite brands since 2019. The Latina-owned brand has created charming products and maintains an affordable price point. With its growth, it’s not surprising that it would have some trolls and haters. Unfortunately, a dusty brand that struggles to be innovative took aim and attempted to stop Sugary’s coins.

Tarte Cosmetics was popular in the beauty scene just a few years ago but after several issues, most people grew tired of the brand and its lack of creativity. Besides the Shape Tape concealer and Sugar Rush line of products, Tarte has nothing major in its repertoire.  At least in my opinion *stirs tea*.

Sugary Cosmetics released a statement on November 25, 2022, stating that it would be discontinuing its adorable Sugar Rush collection after receiving a cease and desist from Tarte Cosmetics. My reaction after reading that was “What in the actual hell?” The phrase “sugar rush” is common and has been used by a couple of brands but suddenly Tarte, with its financial backing, has an issue with a small indie brand using it. As stated in Sugary’s Instagram post, please do not send hate to either brand. We can be angry but sending hate comments won’t help the situation. If you want to get the Sugar Rush palette before it’s gone forever, you should go now.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Sugary Cosmetics has had a mainstream brand accuse them of plagiarism. Sugary Cosmetics dropped its Sweetheart collection back in early 2020 and KKW Beauty immediately stepped in and informed Sugary that it had 5 days to remove the lashes before legal action would be taken. Apparently, the Sweetheart lash packaging was “similar” to KKW Beauty’s perfume containers. Sure Jan (insert eye roll). Oh, and KKW wanted all of the money that the lashes had made too. Is your blood boiling yet?? 

Plagiarism has always been a hot topic in the beauty community because most concepts or colors have been used across the thousands of brands out there. Kathy, the owner of Sugary Cosmetics, has adamantly stated that all of her products are her own ideas. My heart breaks for small brands; it’s hard enough to manufacture products without major financial backing but to have big brands essentially bully them and take legal action which costs money… My heart and support are with Kathy and the Sugary Cosmetics brand and team. This incident just solidified my passion to give indie brands a platform.

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Cease & Desists IG post from Sugary Cosmetics’ Instagram

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