Cosmetic Launch Roundup: September 9-16, 2022

Kara Beauty came to slay with several products. First, the Outline, Define, & Fill Brow Set ($25.99) dropped, its four pieces ensuring snatched brows. There are two versions, one for light to medium and the other for medium to dark.

Then the Weekend Roller collection came through. These three palettes ($16.99 each; $38.23 bundled) embrace the last rays of summer and the color stories are chic and colorful. 

Last but certainly not least, the Karadelic Collection debuted, the collection being a revamp of the High Times collection from last year. The three palettes ($16.99 each; $50.97 bundled) are monochromatic themed and stunning. Every product is available on Kara Beauty’s site.

Aisuri Beauty promised new products and they certainly delivered. The newbies are Strawberry Farm Lip Tints (3 shades; $10.99 each), Flower Garden Blushes (3 shades; $12.99 each), and Sweet Spring Lip Glazes (3 shades; $10.99 each). Find everything on Aisuri Beauty’s website.

Forrest Seng Cosmetics proclaimed its brand to be Hallowed Ground with a beautiful palette. Hallowed Ground is 9 shades for every version of spooky you can conjure up. The palette is $24.99 online.

Alijah Storm Cosmetics called upon some of the most infamous witches to craft an absolutely breathtaking collection. The Sanderson Sisters collection is inspired by the aforementioned witches from the popular movie Hocus Pocus. The collection includes the 25-pan eyeshadow palette ($35), 2 Liquid Lipsticks (Witch Hunters and Thackery; $12 each), and 3 Bullet Lipsticks (Winifred, Sarah, and Mary; $12 each). You can get the collection from Alijah Storm’s website.

Metamorphosis Bf released its first ocean animal collection, Coralina. Coralina is a turtle and the collection includes the 16-pan eyeshadow palette ($19.99), 4 Lip Glosses ($8.99 each), and the limited-edition full collection bundle ($52.99). Coralina is available on Metamorphosis’ site.

Aeva Beauty kept its fans in mind when crafting its latest palette. Sig.nature is a pretty neutral palette, perfect for subtle everyday makeup looks, and great for beginners and professionals alike. Sig.nature is $50 online.

Catrice Cosmetics revitalized skincare routines with the Energy skincare line. The lineup includes: Energy Boost Hydrogel Eye Patches (hydrates area around eyes; $3), Energy Enzyme Peeling Powder (gently exfoliates; $10), and Energy Superfruit + Protection Serum (protects skin from blue light; $10). Revamp your routine with the Energy collection available on Catrice’s site.

Aboni Cosmetics came back with a liquid lipstick perfect for the fall season. Sugar Pie is a crisp tan nude shade, almost reminiscent of pumpkin spice. Grab the lippie for $7.49 on Aboni’s site.

Moira Beauty kept our pouts fresh and hydrated with the Lip Plush Cream collection. 18 delectable shades ranging from subtle nudes to bold reds, each lip cream promises comfortable wear and a satin finish. Pick your shades on Moira Beauty’s site.

Amor Us had us mesmerized with the flawless Pearl Paradise palette. The 32 shades speak of the deep sea and the color story immediately encourages creativity to flow. Pearl Paradise is $15 online.

Second week of the month and these launches have really spiced up the beauty scene. Which product is your favorite this week? Sound off in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (all links below!) so you don’t miss a Roundup, review, or swatch.

Photo Credits:

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