Lurella Cosmetics’ Electric City (Review)

Lurella Cosmetics has released amazing palettes this year but there is something about Electric City that really spoke to me. Maybe it’s the neon color story, the affordable price point, or maybe just being really pigmented… Whatever the reason, Electric City is a staple in my collection, and I’ll show you why.


Electric City is a vibrant all matte palette, with 12 shades retailing for $18. The packaging features the palette’s name in bold letters on the dark purple background. Lurella’s logo is in the upper right corner and the city’s buildings are illuminated by pink lights and several pink triangles in the middle.On the back of the palette are the shades and their names along with the ingredients and other information (shelf life, recycling, etc).

Shades + Swatches

The twelve shades are: Pandora (pink), Gravity (purple), Orbit (dark purple), Cosmo (dark blue), Astro (light blue), Lazer (green), Mars (red orange), Calypso (red), Galaxy (orange), Saros (yellow), Nova (yellow-green), and Ora (white).

Each shade swatched beautifully. The swatches were done with one finger swipe and I swirled my fingertip into each pan about three or four times. I have better swatches (done with a stencil) in the swatch gallery if you want to see those. The pigment is good for swatches but we all know that the performance on the eyes is what determines a good palette so…


I wanted to use as many colors as possible to show off the pigmentation of the shades. I didn’t use any primer and completed two different looks. My right eye (red/purple/orange), was created using the shades Orbit in the crease, mixing Pandora and Gravity above the crease, and layering Mars on the lid and topping it with Galaxy.

The left eye (yellow-green/blue) was done with Saros and Nova blended together above the crease, Lazer in the crease, and Cosmo layered on the lid and Astro blended on top of Cosmo.

I didn’t have any issues blending the shades but I did have to build up the yellow and greens (Lazer, Saros, and Nova) to get a decent payoff.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great palette to include in your collection. Of all the Lurella palettes I have, Electric City is probably my 2nd favorite with the color story. The pigmentation is good, the price is amazing for the product’s quality. On a scale of 10, I give Electric City a 9 and might purchase again for a giveaway 😉

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Oooh thats my kind of palette 💕 Very Cyberpunk aesthetic


    1. AJ Monique says:

      Agree! 🙂

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