Cosmetic Launch Roundup: May 8-15, 2020

Another week, another Roundup. This time we had a lot of vibrant products arrive and they all have the same thing in common: affordable. Grab your coffee (or your preferred beverage ) and enjoy the jam packed article.

*This post contains a couple affiliate codes (marked with “”) that give me a small commission if you use a code during purchase. There is no obligation for you to use discount codes.

Heavnnn Cosmetics is serving drinks with the vibrant MUA Lounge palette. 24 delectable shades named after various beverages and flavors, this palette features several different formulas (matte, metallic, glitter). MUA Lounge is $30 on the brand’s site.


Lunarskies Cosmetics expanded the Moon Collection to include three new palettes: Strawberry, Peach, and Nude. The trio are collectively called the Summer Moon collection and each one of these beauties is $15 or bundled for $40. Like the restocked OG palettes, the Summer Moons are up for grabs on Lunarskies’ website.


Mamacita Cosmetics gave us some serious bling this week with the Chunky Glitter Bundle Vol. 7 and the Iridescent Pigment stack. The glitter bundle ($15) contains 8 glamorous glitters while the stack ($30) features 7 holographic shades to make your looks ethereal. Both products are available on the brand’s website.

Facetune_05-05-2020-20-35-26_1024x1024@2x   Screenshot_20200515-184047_2  Screenshot_20200515-184330_2

E.l.f Cosmetics introduced its CBD skincare collection Full Spectrum. The calming and reviving collection includes the CBD Moisturizer ($15), CBD Facial Oil ($18), CBD Body Cream ($18), CBD Eye Cream ($15), and CBD Lip Oil ($13). You could also spring for the full collection for $66. Regardless of which product(s) you choose, Full Spectrum is up for grabs on E.l.f’s site.


Colourtory has a few new products for #selfcare. Firstly, the Body Glow Mist ($5) gives skin a radiant glow and smells like strawberries. Next, the Strawberry Passion lip scrub ($4) exfoliates the lips and provides hydration. Last but not least, Strawberry Passion Lip Oil ($5) hydrates and plumps the lips. There is a bundle option with the lip oil and lip scrub plus a lip gloss for $13. Grab your self care items on Colourtory’s site (code “Ajmonique” to save 10%).

Screenshot_20200517-140436_2      Screenshot_20200517-140612_2      Screenshot_20200517-140149_2

Kimchi Chic Beauty expanded its repertoire with concealers. The Most Concealer is a matte/satin hybrid finish and comes in 20 shades. Retailing for $14, grab your shade at Kimchi Chic’s website.


Amor Us took us into the galaxy with the Sun and Moon 27-pan palettes. As the names suggest, the Sun is all about warm tones while the Moon is all cool tones. Individually the palettes are $17 and the bundle is $30. Both are available on Amor Us’ site.


Kara Beauty is helping us get our contour game on point with the Micro Contour Pencils. There are four pencil shades for each skin tone and the pencils are double-ended, one side for contouring and the other for highlighting. The Micro Contour Pencils retail for $4.99 each and exclusively sold on Kara Beauty’s website.


Boujee Babe Cosmetics is bursting back on the Roundup with the stunning Vibe Liners. These water-activated liners come in 8 shades, $6.25 each ($5 with an affiliate code) The shades are: Tangy, Neon Green, Dreamer, Sunshine, Starry-Eyed, Royal, Rose, and Up All Night. Grab your fave shades on Boujee Babe’s site.


Midas Cosmetics razzle dazzled us this week with their newest glitters and pigments. Kicking things off are the Diamond Dust Pigments, available in four shades (Pixie, Ice Queen, Green Apple, and Fairy). Each pigment is $6.


Then the Queremos Pastel collection was announced and is slated for a June release but the brand went ahead and gave us the glitter bundle. There are 5 fine glitters and 2 chunky glitters in the set for a good price of $17. 


Then more glitter singles dropped, each costing only $1.75. The new glitters are Ocean Eyes (turquoise), Orange Crush (orange), Mystic (purple), and $assy (metallic). Everything is available now on Midas’ site.

Screenshot_20200516-104502_2 (1)

Lots of great products this week but I want to know: which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments and make sure you’re following this blog as well. You don’t want to miss future roundups, do you? Oh, and follow me on social media too (links in the sidebar).


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