Glam Vice Cosmetics “Daydream” review

I bought two palettes from the new indie brand Glam Vice Cosmetics and it’s safe to say that I am in love with the quality and overall concept of both palettes. I will definitely buy from the brand again (hello, Color Rush palette!)

Let me break down the Daydream palette and give you my thoughts. I filmed a video to give you an idea of how the palette performs and how the shades look on the eye. I also have the swatches on my swatch gallery if you want to see them.

Brand Breakdown
Glam Vice Cosmetics celebrated their two-month anniversary recently; the brand officially launched on December 17, 2018. Based in Kissimmee, Florida, Glam Vice launched with four eyeshadow palettes, one pressed glitter palette, and one highlighting palette. In the two months that the brand has been open, the inventory has expanded with liquid eyeshadows, liquid highlighters, false lashes, liquid lipsticks, and lip glosses. This brand is affordable, with most products under $15 and the quality is superb.
Palette Breakdown
Daydream has 15 shades; 3 matte, 7 shimmers, and 5 glitters. This palette can be tricky to use given that there are not many mattes, but this palette gives you the chance to be creative and think outside of the boxDaydream.jpg
Screenshot_2019-03-08 Blogger The Trendy Wallet - Edit post

My lewk

Yes, I know I spelled “look” wrong but I’m rolling with it. I used the shades Carriage, Villain, Adventure, and Magical to create this look. I have also posted on my personal IG account other looks with Daydream, but I did this particular look for my video. I did not use any primer to demonstrate the quality and pigment of the shades

Screenshot_2019-03-08 Blogger The Trendy Wallet - Edit post(1)

Carriage is right above the crease, Adventure is in the inner part of my crease, Villain is in the outer “V” of my eye and goes into my crease, and Magical is all over the lid. The color Carriage is pretty on darker skin tones but would probably look the best on light skin tones. The other shades performed admirably but with glitters you should use a fixing spray for the best results.
Final thoughts

I love the unique formula and finishes of the palettes. This is the first palette that I have seen have primarily shimmer shadows and few mattes. The only negative aspect of this palette is the glitters can be tricky to apply so be sure to use a fixing spray or something that will help the glitter swipe on the eye. If you are someone that prefers more mattes in a palette, Daydream probably won’t be on your “must have” but if you like a challenge or the chance to be creative, I definitely recommend this palette.

I bought Daydream for $24 on Glam Vice’s site and I don’t regret this purchase at all. 15 high-quality and super pigmented shadows for $24 is very good and I will definitely be purchasing more palettes (and the lippies!) in the future.

For only being 2-months-old, Glam Vice is doing quite well.

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*All pictures were taken by me*

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