German Brands You Need to Know

Since I am always looking for new brands to try, I turned my attention to another European country. I’ve already covered brands from the UK so now it is Deutschland, or more commonly, Germany. All of the mentioned brands are available in the United States or can be shipped here.
Catrice Cosmetics
The “sister brand” of Essence Cosmetics, Catrice Cosmetics was founded in 2004 and has slowly gained recognition here in the United States. The foundation and concealer shade range is ideal for lighter skin tones but not for tan to dark skin tones (they don’t have my shade). The Prime and Fine Nude Glow Primer is one face product I can use as it works with dry skin. The highlighting sticks are often mentioned by fans as some of their favorites.
Most of the products cost less than $15 and can be bought online at Catrice’s website, or at select Ulta stores.
Prime and Fine Primer $7

Essence Cosmetics
Essence has proven itself to be of great quality, on par with other drugstore brands like Wet N’ Wild while having super affordable prices. The brand was founded in 2001 and by 2011, the brand had expanded its reach to the US and won its first award from Allure magazine. Essence is available in select drugstores and has its own section in Ulta; this is a testament to the brand’s popularity.
The highlighters and blushes receive rave reviews due their brilliant colors. The eyebrow kit is perfect for beginners who have a difficult time finding the perfect shape/arch for their eyebrows. With most of the products costing less than or around the price of a Venti coffee from Starbucks, Essence is perfect for any makeup collection.
The Berry Connection $4
Zoeva Cosmetics
An indie brand with a “cult-following”, Zoeva specializes in eyeshadow palettes that should always be in a travel makeup bag. In addition to creating cosmetics, the brand also advocates for women who are affected by domestic abuse and/or cancer.
Zoe Boikou, the CEO and founder of Zoeva, began selling makeup brushes on eBay back in 2008 and now has a full range of products for decent prices. If you choose to splurge on this brand, I recommend trying the eyeshadow palettes. The palettes with more shades are more expensive at $40 but the twelve-shade palettes are $27; I adore the Opulence palette.
Opulence palette $26.50
Which brands have you heard of or have bought from? I absolutely love Essence; I always stop by the display when I’m at Ulta. I like Zoeva though it can get costly and Catrice is good but I wish they had more shades for foundations and concealers. Let me know in the comments which country should be featured next!
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Photo credits:
Catrice (Ulta website)
Essence (website)
Zoeva (website)

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