Feeling Jelly?

Colourpop is back again (as they are every week) with another release and this time with something quite innovative. Throughout this week the brand has teased the new products, asking fans their thoughts. Most thought that because of the swatches looking like a lip gloss, Colourpop was releasing new lip glosses. Noooo, said Colourpop.
Lo and behold, on Tuesday August 14 it was officially announced that the new products were in fact Jelly Eyeshadows. Let that sink in. Now, I must say that I laughed when I saw the announcement because who wants to put a slimy-looking eyeshadow on their eyes? Apparently a lot of people because fans went wild, saying they couldn’t wait to try them and beauty gurus fortunate enough to be on Colourpop’s PR list have praised the new shadows. After watching a few videos, I’m convinced that the shadows are not “slimy” but appear to have a smooth texture and applied easily to the eyes, giving a cream-like appearance.
The new collection is called Jelly Much, complete with eight shades that give summer its last hurrah. Each shadow will cost $8 USD and launches at 10am PST on the Colourpop website. Will you be getting these?
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*Photo belongs to Colourpop Cosmetics*


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