Cosmetic Launch Roundup: June 5-June 15, 2018

It’s almost summer and several cosmetic brands have been promoting their latest products on social media with launch dates leaving makeup addicts panting. With all the frenzy in the beauty industry, allow me to offer a list of new product launches and their likely impact on your wallet!

Makeup Revolution doing another collab! Sophdoesnails is a prominent Youtuber/beauty influencer and has promoted Makeup Revolution extensively so it was no surprise (to me at least) that the brand collaborated with her again to create a new eyeshadow palette after the success of her first collab.
The Extra Spice has an array of colors and the shimmery shades are not off-putting. The packaging is cute and is reflective of Sophie’s personality; fun and girl-next-door. This collaboration is high on my wish list! The palette is available online and in Ulta stores nationwide.
L.A Girl knows that every makeup addict needs a good lip gloss. L.A Girl does not disappoint. On June 7 the brand attempted to perfect their glosses with new glosses that are highly reflective. The packaging looks great and of course, the names match each shade/color of the glosses. The Gloss Toppers are available on L.A Girl’s site.

BH Cosmetics: Aurora Lights eyeshadow palette
Everyone has heard of the Aurora Lights, the colorful and natural lights that can be seen in the sky near the Arctic. BH Cosmetics took that same idea and created a wondrous palette with gorgeous blues, reds, and purples that have the potential to create fabulous looks. This palette launched on June 7th and is available on BH Cosmetics site and at Ulta.

Beauty Bakerie: “Half-Carton” beauty sponges
Beauty Bakerie’s packaging is always delightful. This time the brand is taking on the concept of their new beauty sponges being eggs in the carton. Literally, the packaging is an egg carton, the size of a half-carton and fits six sponges, three pink and three blue. You can grab the carton on Beauty Bakerie’s site now for $18.


So these are just a few of the makeup products waiting to be launched this week. June is always an exciting month because the weather gets warmer, the sun sets later, and makeup enthusiasts can stock up on the best products for the hottest weather with the best deals.

Photo credits:
Makeup Revolution (website)
BH Cosmetics (website)
Beauty Bakerie (website)
L.A Girl Cosmetics (Instagram)

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