Cosmetic Launch Roundup: May 9-16, 2022

Beauty Creations gave complexions a silent boost with the Blush Hush collection. There are 12 gorgeous blushes from natural shades to colors like pink, red, and plum. These shades are great for all skin tones and retail for $6 each or $68 PR box on Beauty Creation’s website. Sleek Makeup revamped its iconic Matte Me…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: June 1-7, 2019

It is officially Pride month! With the rainbows floating around on social media and the parades preparing to roam the streets, brands are capitalizing on the love and support for the LGBTQ community. I am always ready for colorful makeup, so I am excited to share these launches with y’all.

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: February 1-8, 2019

Hey, it’s been awhile! I’ve been busy with school and personal issues but I am so excited to be back with new content. I have lots of stuff planned for The Trendy Wallet and my Youtube channel is now live. Anyways, let’s talk the latest makeup.

Sleek Makeup’s E10 Palette Review

If you haven’t heard of Sleek Makeup, you have been missing out. I have previously discussed this British brand and my love for their eyeshadow palettes. I have tried the Beautiful Sin palette and, during my last Ulta visit, I picked up the E10 palette. Side note: the brand is also available online at Target…

My Favorite British Beauty Brands

Alright there, mate? I am not ashamed to say that my little makeup collection stems from brands located in England. I mean the packaging is always cute and draws me in; I end up buying it and using it on a daily basis. The quality of products from the brands are great; most of my…