Recent Finds: Mocha Bae & Lip Bully

We’re kicking off Black History Month with two black-owned indie brands that I recently discovered on Instagram! I highly encourage you to not just support and purchase from black businesses just for this month but all year round. Without any further ado, let’s chat brands. Mocha Bae Beauty focuses on creating natural glam makeup products…

Recent Finds: Naytrual

Another day, another indie brand to chat about. Usually I find new brands through Instagram, but Tik Tok hit me with this brand several times on my For You page.

Recent Finds: Royalty Cosmetics

Those of you who have read other recent finds articles know that I usually find brands on Instagram but maybe my Tik Tok addiction is paying off. This brand popped up on my “For you page” and I was instantly hooked. A catchy name, a beautiful mission, and a stunning product? Sold. Royalty Cosmetics is…

Recent Finds: Hex Baby Beauty

There’s a new indie brand in town, aimed at those who love the spooky and gothic aesthetic. Hex Baby Beauty is the second makeup brand from swatch artist/blogger Ember Xtelle. The brand launched on May 1st with a couple products with the promise of more to come in the following months. The current lineup of…

Recent Finds: Bella Vida Lashes

I don’t know what it is but all the new indie brands I’ve been finding are amazing and this brand is no different. Bella Vida Lashes officially launched on January 11th with four stunning lash styles, making its first appearance on the Roundup of Jan. 9-16.

Recent Finds: Locas Chingonas

Another day, more brands to find and obsess over. As usual, I found this brand on Instagram, with Locas Chingonas being a recommended page.

Recent Finds: Myali Beauty

I’m ecstatic to share an upcoming brand this week on recent finds. Usually brands have already launched before they are featured on these posts, but Myali Beauty has such stunning products and the launch date is right around the corner.

Recent Finds: Park Avenue Cosmetics

Here we are with yet another edition in the series where I squeal about a new indie brand. Before we dive in, can we talk about the name? If you’re a Monopoly fan like me then the name immediately catches your eye. For the people who don’t know (or care), you’ll start to care once…

Recent Finds: Chixxie Beauty

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a “recent finds’ article but we’re kicking off the year with some color. As usual, the brand was found on Instagram so give Chixxie Beauty a follow.

Recent Finds: The Makeup Chamber

Welcome back to another installment of the series where I talk about up-and-coming brands. I’m ecstatic to be sharing this WOC-owned indie brand with you (yasss!!). As I am wont to do, I found The Makeup Chamber on Instagram when I looked through the PR search hashtag. I scrolled through the brand’s page and loved…