Welcome to the Fam, Canelita!

After sneak peeks and a couple of months of anticipation, Canelita Cosmetics officially launched on September 1st. The indie brand has a full assortment of super affordable and beautiful products for us to enjoy. The sister brand of Serpent Beauty, Canelita has lashes, lip glosses, lip scrubs, glitters, water-activated liners, jewelry, accessories, and bundles.

Recent Finds: Myali Beauty

I’m ecstatic to share an upcoming brand this week on recent finds. Usually brands have already launched before they are featured on these posts, but Myali Beauty has such stunning products and the launch date is right around the corner.

Worthy of the Stars

We all know the 12 zodiac/star signs: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, etc. But we are finally being given a physical representation of our signs through the upcoming indie brand Zodiac Cosmetics. Launching on July 4th with pre-orders starting on June 21, this brand intends to give us products worthy of the stars.

Circus Vibes

Growing up I loved the circus (and carnivals/fairs) so imagine the nostalgia that hit me once I heard of another indie brand launching on June 21st. Cirque Cadia Cosmetics is all about the circus aesthetic and the products look scrumptious. The brand is based in Seattle, Washington.

Are you “Boujee”?

Ah, I caught your attention didn’t I? Well, prepare to be dazzled by another new indie brand hitting the beauty scene in May 2019. If you are an MUA or MUE (makeup enthusiast), this brand is creating a PR list on Instagram!

Get Per.Plexed

Another new indie brand is here and filled with a sense of swag… does anyone say swag anymore)? Per.Plex Beauty launched on April 19th with the Rebel Collection; the collection includes the Rebel Eyes eyeshadow palette ($16), Rebel Light highlighting palette ($15), 8 Modern Rebel Mulidimensional Lip Strobes ($5 each), and Cheek Rebellion blush+contour palette…

Too Far? Or Not Far Enough?

So the current craze in the beauty industry is the Pizza palette by Glamlite Cosmetics. The indie brand took on a very unique concept of actually creating a palette shaped like a pizza and made complete with the cheese and sauce aesthetic as well.While I personally enjoy a unique concept, I am torn in my…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 16-31, 2018

In the final stretch of 2018!! I am excited to see what is in store for 2019 but let’s finish 2018 with a bang. The launches from this past week and a few in the next two are tempting me but my wallet is cringing… Let’s talk makeup! Beauty Creations revamped their Princess palettes, giving…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 1-15, 2018

Christmas is almost here! But it seems that some brands are ready to move into the new year early (*cough* Nyx! *cough). Some of these brands are skipping holiday products in favor of something fresh and unique while others are taking advantage of the holiday spirit. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this roundup of products…