Black Beauty Content Creators To Follow

It’s February and that means black history month! In honor of my fellow black creators, I decided to share a few of my favorite black makeup artists/content creators.  Tamara Renaye If you enjoy easy-to-follow tutorials and flawless makeup looks, you need to subscribe to Tamara’s channel. She is based in Toronto and has a flair…

Dramarama #1: November 2020

Appropriation and alleged theft of creative property took the crown this month. From bitter influencers to shady business, there was something for everyone this month. Welcome to Dramarama, where I break down the scuffles happening in the indie makeup world.

The Watchlist #2: ChristopherJMUA

It is that time where Indie Clique casts a spotlight on smaller content creators/ Youtubers. If you read the last post, you know that we featured Miss Sandi Jarquin. For the second edition, all eyes are on Christopher Hughes, a.k.a Christopher JMUA.

Influencer Collaborations We Need in 2019

I’ve been thinking about beauty influencers that post creative content and value honesty when reviewing products. These are the influencers that deserve a collaboration with brands; they have shown their devotion to the brand along with demonstrating the products with high aptitude but not succumbing to the temptation of giving a product a rave review…

My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

We all like to watch Youtube videos. Some people flock to the gaming section while others rush to watch beauty videos. If you are like me and watch beauty influencers, you likely have a favorite. However, I prefer to watch the Youtubers/influencers who don’t shy away from giving truly honest reviews on products. These Youtubers…