Enter The Colourtory!

I have been eagerly awaiting this indie brand’s launch ever since May and it finally opened for business on September 28th! Colourtory Cosmetics is proudly Latina-owned and the wait was certainly worth it as the product pictures were released. Everything is super affordable and the packaging is playful and adorable.

Recent Finds: Mamacita Cosmetics

I actually began following this new indie brand before they even launched and I’m glad I did. Mamacita Cosmetics launched on May 30th to great success.

Circus Vibes

Growing up I loved the circus (and carnivals/fairs) so imagine the nostalgia that hit me once I heard of another indie brand launching on June 21st. Cirque Cadia Cosmetics is all about the circus aesthetic and the products look scrumptious. The brand is based in Seattle, Washington.

Recent Finds: Zinzun Cosmetics

I’m lucky to have found this indie brand. Straight outta Texas comes Zinzun Cosmetics which currently has a small range of products. Zinzun Cosmetics is a Latina-owned brand founded by Krystal Acosta-Zinzun with the goal of affordable prices without sacrificing high quality.

Are you “Boujee”?

Ah, I caught your attention didn’t I? Well, prepare to be dazzled by another new indie brand hitting the beauty scene in May 2019. If you are an MUA or MUE (makeup enthusiast), this brand is creating a PR list on Instagram!

Recent Finds: Sheree Cosmetics and Glam Vice Cosmetics

Two new brands are making their debut here on The Trendy Wallet thanks to my relentless scrolling through Instagram. The unique aspect of both brands is how new they are to the beauty industry yet keep prices low. Without further ado, let’s talk makeup

Recent Finds: Lurella Cosmetics

I went on Instagram to see the presents everyone received during Christmas and how my friends and followers spent Christmas, eventually venturing back to makeup when I noticed a relatively new indie brand. Lurella Cosmetics launched in March 2018 and while its social media presence is small, I predict it will double or even triple…

Holiday Haul (Part 1)

I’m back after a brief vacation! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and ate delicious food. I had a great time celebrating with my boyfriend and our son, who ecstatically played with all of his new toys throughout the day. In return, I got to play with the new makeup my boyfriend bought for…

Too Far? Or Not Far Enough?

So the current craze in the beauty industry is the Pizza palette by Glamlite Cosmetics. The indie brand took on a very unique concept of actually creating a palette shaped like a pizza and made complete with the cheese and sauce aesthetic as well.While I personally enjoy a unique concept, I am torn in my…