Cosmetic Launch Roundup: June 17-23, 2022

Jcat Beauty gave royal realness with the House of Queens collection. The four palettes feature 5 matte shadows, 5 shimmers, and 5 water-activated liners, all making a beautifully cohesive color story. Luxy Charms, Queen of Heart, Royal-tea & Spade, and Diamond Dealer are $11.99 each on Jcat’s website. Pacifica Beauty brought the heat with the…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: September 24-30, 2019

Fall is officially here!!! There are so many exciting products launching this week as we prepare for #spookyseason. As usual, tell me your favorite launch in the comment section and enjoy this (slightly longer) Roundup. 

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: September 1-7, 2019

Autumn is growing ever closer and coffee fans are already swarming Starbucks for their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. This is my favorite season; candles come out as the days turn grey… Anyway, this week saw a fair mix of drugstore and indie brands.