Dupe It Up: W7 Cosmetics edition (Update)

It has been four years since I shared the first dupe list from W7 Cosmetics so it is time to update the list. The new additions to the list will be marked with an * and the pictures show the dupe first and then the OG product. Let’s get to the dupes! W7    …

Dramarama #3: March 2022

Another month, another scandal or two. Welcome to Dramarama, where I break down the scuffles happening in the indie beauty community. Spring has sprung and with the flowers blooming, so has the drama. Grab your cup and catch the tea. Begging For PR… again? It’s no surprise that people hound brands for free products but…

Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics (Update #2)

Apparently, dupes are gaining popularity so I’ve decided to update the dupe lists. We’re kicking things off with the brand that started the Dupe It Up series, Ccolor Cosmetics. This is the second update and there are a few new additions to the list, marked with an *. The list is accurate up to the…

Dupe It Up: Alter Ego (Updated)

The previous edition of Alter Ego’s dupe list was done back in July 2020 when the brand only had 5 palettes. Alter Ego has expanded so it’s time to figure out what other products they’ve duped. 

Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics edition (Updated)

So many people have asked me to update the dupe posts so here we go! The Ccolor Cosmetics post received so much love (literally 1500+ views) so I had to start with the favorite. If you want to compare the update to the original post, you can but fair warning, the brand has stayed busy…

Dupe It Up: Alter Ego edition

Welcome to another dupe article, back by popular demand. I am so excited to kick off this month with a new brand and, of course, affordable palettes. This time we’re looking at the brand Alter Ego, which launched back in 2019 and has since gone on to create gorgeous dupes of high end brands. https://shopalterego.com/

Dupe It Up: Beauty Glazed edition

Here we are with another dupe article, focusing this time on the dupes created by Beauty Glazed. Dedicated solely to creating quality dupes for some of the mainstream high-end brands, Beauty Glazed has been under fire for their dupes. Some of the palettes are either a hit or miss regarding the pigmentation but most people…

Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics edition

Welcome to the first dupe article of 2019! I recently discovered Ccolor Cosmetics when the brand began to follow me on Instagram. I checked out their site and discovered all of their eyeshadow palettes were dupes, meaning I could create another dupe article for you. *Updated List here!*

Dupe It Up: W7 Cosmetics edition

W7 Cosmetics is a lesser-known brand here in the States but has some traction in the UK, mostly known for its dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. So I figured that I would create a master list of all the W7 dupes I could find for this edition of Dupe It Up.

Dupe It Up: Ucanbe edition

Welcome to Dupe It Up, where I present dupes of popular or mainstream brands and their dupes. I wasn’t planning to do this article due to the lukewarm reception but I love doing posts about dupes so here we are. You can thank Amazon for sort of recommending this post, since I found Ucanbe Cosmetics…