Cosmetic Launch Roundup: April 1-8, 2020

Ah April. The fourth month of the year can have a subdued feeling but these product launches definitely lightened the mood. There were only a few releases this week but they deliver some much needed excitement.

Influencer Collaborations We Need in 2019

I’ve been thinking about beauty influencers that post creative content and value honesty when reviewing products. These are the influencers that deserve a collaboration with brands; they have shown their devotion to the brand along with demonstrating the products with high aptitude but not succumbing to the temptation of giving a product a rave review…

Last Launches of 2018

Colourpop collaborated with beauty guru Iluvsarahii to create the Through My Eyes collection which launched on December 26th. The newest collection features an eyeshadow palette and lip bundle. There is a full collection option for $39 or you could spend a little more for the PR box for $50 (it includes a kaleidoscope). Either option…

Colourpop Is At It Again!

This collaboration came out of nowhere but I also kind of expected another collaboration to drop before the end of the year. While Becky G’s collaboration with Colourpop launched last week, this week, for the third time this year, Colourpop collaborated with Kathleen Lights.

Colourpop Dupes Itself?

Colourpop Cosmetics dropped a teaser on Monday November 5th with a photo of popular beauty influencer Bretman Rock. Everyone immediately knew that this meant a collaboration, but nothing could have prepared me for a déjà vu moment.

Another Day, Another Collaboration

All of these collaborations are too much. There, I said it. I love seeing smaller influencers gain exposure but goodness gracious! There has been so many collaborations within the past few months and I’m tired of seeing influencers create similar looking eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. Give me variety! Show me a unique concept! Is it…

Makeup Revolution x Emily Noel: Impressions

I first mentioned this latest collaboration by Makeup Revolution on the latest cosmetic launch roundup, spent three days in suspense, and it is finally here! Makeup Revolution x Emily Noel and the packaging is gorgeous! Quick information session: Emily Noel is an American beauty influencer and one of the OG Youtubers, starting back in 2006….

They’re Here!!

Excuse my enthusiasm 🙂 Makeup Revolution has collaborated with Sophdoesnails, MakeupbyTammi, and Carmimua for the last year with each person releasing their own palette (except Sophie, who released two palettes, a highlighter palette, and three lipsticks). Tammi Clarke released her palette called Tropical Paradise back on May 11th of this year while Carmimua released his…