Cosmetic Launch Roundup: January 16-31, 2023

Edge Beauty brightened the weeks with two new products. First, the Drip Drop Glossy Lip Balms slid into our makeup collections. The 5 luscious balms have a sheer formula, are $8 each, and named Come Plum Me (plum/dark purple), Ripped Raspberry (dark red), Gimme Guava (hot pink), Very Cherry (orange-red), Imma Peach (peach), and Watermelon…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: November 1-8, 2021

Hex Baby Beauty is the brand that keeps on giving, this week it added to the Multichrome family. The Spooky Island palette ($28) still draws off Halloween vibes and features 16 bold colors. Then the Multichrome Flakes ($9 each or $80 bundled) debuted, 8 shades and the Mixing Potion Medium ($10) helps the flakes stick…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: October 1-8, 2021

Lobos Glam Boutique dropped a lash collection that’s perfect for fall and winter. The five lash styles are Spicy Mami, Sal Y Perrea, Angel Eyes, Soltera, and Mini Soltera. Each lash is $10 on Lobos Glam’s site. Opulent Beauty Cosmetics shone with the beautiful Chameleon Eyes Duochrome collection. Five vibrant shades (Star Gaze, Pink Eclipse,…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: August 24-31, 2021

Gavissi Beauty took their popular Retro Liner formula and gave them an update. The Split Cake Liner collection features 15 liners ($12 each), some being monochromatic (like Lemonade) while others are themed (like Carnival and Lollipop). There are also 3 UV Split liners ($18 each; pastel, neon, and chrome). Each split liner comes with three…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: July 1-8, 2021

Metamorphosis Bf gave highlighters an adorable twist with the ultra cute Cookie Highlighter collection. The collection features four shades with a bear etched in the middle. Strawberry, Oatmeal, Peachy, and Sugar are $6.99 each or bundled for $24.99 on Metamorphosis’ website. BH Cosmetics released its seventh palette in the Birthstone collection, this time the red-themed…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: May 9-16, 2021

Morphe released a second collab with Coca Cola, this time inspired by the 1970’s. The new Coca Cola x Morphe The Unity collection features the Together Artistry eyeshadow palette ($22), In Harmony Mini Lip gloss set (4 shades, $19), 1971 edition Make It Big mascara ($12), and Peace brush set + bag ($26). Every product…

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: May 1-8, 2021

Sheglam dropped 5 new eyeshadow palettes, keeping their promise for new palettes monthly. The newbies are Earth Tempo, Bold Beats, The Blues, Chill Track, and Pitch Pretty. Each palette has 12 shades and retail for $7.50 on Shein’s app and website. Menagerie Cosmetics released its first ever collaboration, working with beauty blogger Annette’s Makeup Corner….

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: April 9-16, 2021

Something is definitely in the air because there are even more brands on this Roundup than last week and things are heating up. Lippies and palettes fought for top spot; which team are you on?

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: April 1-8, 2021

April showers brought indie flowers as seen by the slew of products we were gifted this week. Collections reigned supreme but the standalone products demanded attention too. Shall we?

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: March 1-8, 2021

Anyone else feel like 2021 is going a bit too fast? Seriously, we blinked and it’s already March. The only good thing about time flying like this is all the makeup releases we get week by week. Oh, and spring is nearly here so let’s get hype with some new products.