Cosmetic Launch Roundup: March 1-15, 2023

Edge Beauty showered lips in hydration and lusciousness with several new lip products. The Seal The Deal Hemp Lip Oil ($15) hydrates and repairs chapped lips easily. Mint Kisser Cooling Lip Glaze ($15) is infused with peppermint oil for a chilling and plumping effect.

Then four new Edge Glosses joined the ever-expanding lineup. Gold Attitude (metallic gold), New B*tch (sparkly purple), Mental Metal (sparkly champagne/silver) and Self Reflection (sparkly yellow) are $10 each. All lippies are available on Edge Beauty’s website.

Peachy Queen Cosmetics took us to THE city of country music with its splendid Nashville eyeshadow palette. The 18-shade palette is inspired by the vibrant city and pays tribute to city symbols through shade names like Dolly and Music City. Nashville is $27.99 on Peachy Queen’s site.

2Serna Cosmetics released its 2 Sealed With A Kiss liquid lipsticks that weren’t able to launch with the With Love collection. Pretty in Pink is a flirty pink and Bouquet of Roses is an eye-catching coral. Each lipstick is $16 and also available as a bundle for $28 on 2Serna’s site.

Pacifica Beauty took its amazing vegan collagen formula and created the Vegan Collagen Haircare lineup. The three products work seamlessly to hydrate, cleanse, deeply condition, and improve strand strength. The Hydrating Shampoo ($10), Conditioner ($10), and Leave-In Mask ($18) are available on Pacifica Beauty’s website.

Cxc Beauty spoiled fans with incredible launches. The Slick Glosses slid through the first week of March. There are 10 shades of the ultra glossy formula: 3 opaques (So Famous, Papaya Princess, and Refined Cocoa), 3 sparkly (Princess Cut, Golden Era, and Dolled Up), 3 sheers (Unicorn Dreams, Plumbt, and Spicy), and Clearly (clear). Each shade is $15.

Then the Gamma Ray collection dropped, its green monochromatic shades perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. You can choose between the 21-pan palette ($59) or the 9-pan palette (27). Everything is up for grabs on Cxc Beauty’s site.

Yinnabelle Beauty added a third palette to its water-activated liner collection. The UV Neon Pastel Rainbow palette contains 9 gorgeous pastel shades that are UV reactive. You can get the palette for $24.99 online.

Moira Beauty prepped us for festival season with the Statement Gel Liner collection. 18 vivacious shades ranging from vibrant red to bold navy. Each liner is $5 and the collection bundle is $80 online.

Beauty Creations revamped one of its first collections and made it better than ever. The new Tease Me collection features the 18-pan Tease Me palette ($16), 16 gorgeous Lipsticks ($5.99 each; bundle $85), and a PR Box ($99). The Tease Me collection is on BC’s site.

Made By Mitchell transformed its Blursh lineup into the Blursh Book palette. There are some shades that we know and love while there are a couple of new shades that collectively create the 12-shade palette. 6 shades are pinks and purples while the other 6 are nude and orange-toned. Get the Blursh Book online for $44 USD.

Pretty N Kawaii made each member of the Sailor Scouts morph into one of the gorgeous Kawaii Heart Blushes. There are six shades, one per Sailor Moon character; Usagi/Sailor Moon (coral), Ami/Sailor Mercury (peachy pink), Rei/Sailor Mars (red), Minako/Sailor Venus (orange), Makoto/Sailor Jupiter (soft pink), and Chibi Moon (rosy pink). Each blush is $12.99 on Pretty N Kawaii’s site.

Hex Baby Beauty made its popular crystal chrome formula into the absolutely mesmerizing Crystal Chrome Lip collection. There are six shades; Anatase (blue-purple shift), Bismuth (purple-pink-red-orange shift), Ametrine (pink-orange-yellow shift), Euclase (teal-navy-purple shift), Diaspore (red-orange-yellow-gold shift), and Sphene (gold-green-teal shift). Each shade is $14.99 on Hex Baby Beauty’s website.

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BAL Cosmetics slayed with its first release of 2023, the Superb Shimmer Single Shadow Pots. The 10 fabulous shimmer shades range from exuberant yellows and oranges to cheerful pinks. In Blue Time, Medusa, Bronze Rust, Mischievous Attitude, Every Day, Cherry Much, Sun Goddess, Flexible, and Honey Nut are $8 each online.

Kara Beauty brought the 70s aesthetic back with the Groovy Series. These three palettes put you in the mood to put a record on and dance the night away. Boogie Fever (golds and bronzes), Foxy Heart (greens, oranges, and browns), and Soul Child (pinks, golds, and mauves) are $17.99 each (bundled for $44.99) on Kara Beauty’s site.

Amor Us released its first product of the year, reclaiming fan attention easily. The Queen of Hearts palette contains 19 dreamy shades great for daytime and nighttime looks plus the packaging is giving gilded fantasy. Queen of Hearts is $15 online.

Klarity Kosmetics kept brides looking glamorous with its Bridal Party eyeshadow palette. The 12-pan palette features bold mattes and colorful foils, giving a luxurious vibe. Bridal Party is $45 on Klarity’s website.

W7 Cosmetics welcomed spring with the playful Sherbet Pop palette. The 18 pastel shades scream warmer weather and brighter days. Sherbet Pop is $12 USD on W7 Cosmetics’ website.

March is off to a good start! Which launch is your favorite? Share in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (all links below!) so you don’t miss a single Roundup.

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