Anime-Inspired Brands You Need ASAP (pt. 2)

Okay… So I learned my lesson; y’all absolutely love anime and/or cute products. The response to part 1 was amazing and some people wanted more recommendations so here we are!

*Part 1 can be found here!

Otaku Baby 

If you embody the meaning of otaku (having obsessive interests), then Otaku Baby is the brand for you. There is cute apparel and great makeup products spanning eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, lippies, and more. The artwork is adorable and the products themselves are good quality. Everything is priced under $30 so you don’t feel guilty for fulfilling your makeup obsession.

Top Picks: Poke Onesies ($26; 5 Styles), Game Over Eyeliner Set ($30), Magical Girl Lipstick set ($17)

Artist Moon Beauty

This black-owned brand beautifully blended its love for anime and astronomy together and created cute products. Artist Moon is currently undergoing a rebrand but you can still get gorgeous glitters, lustrous lippies, and more. You can tell some of the inspirations behind the products (Yu-Gi-Oh is beloved by the owner) and this is a must-have brand for any anime lover. 

Top Picks: A Simp For Nudes ($26), The Blush Master ($26), Zodiac Glitters ($5 per glitter)

Pretty N Kawaii 

Adorable takes form with this Filipina-owned brand. Seriously, the artwork puts a smile on your face and the quality of the products makes you swoon. The anime inspirations range from Sailor Moon to Kirby, instantly appealing to fans of nostalgic anime. Pretty N’ Kawaii encourages makeup lovers to live kindly and with empathy. There are eyeshadow palettes, blushes, lip glosses, and more.

Top Picks: Kawaii Heart Blushes ($12.99 each), Follow The Bunny palette ($24.99), Magical Girl Lipsticks ($13.99 each)

Cloudy Sugar Lips

Gamer hearts beat faster after discovering this gaming and anime-inspired brand. Cloudy Sugar Lips features some of the best lip glosses, palettes, blushes, and highlighters with sleek artwork and impressive pigment. Add the fact that everything is under $25. It’s futile to resist adding this brand to your list.

Top Picks: Lovesick Yandere lip gloss ($10.99), Pop Star blush ($8.99), Candy Fluff lashes ($10.99)

Let me know if you have heard of these brands or if I missed any that you love! I love hearing about new brands. Also, be sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (all links below!) so you don’t miss any content.

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Otaku Baby (website)

Artist Moon Beauty (website)

Pretty N Kawaii (website)

Cloudy Sugar Lips (website)

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