Cosmetic Launch Roundup: February 15-28, 2023

W7 Cosmetics whipped up two new products that MUAs are talking about. First, the Just Mattes eyeshadow palette was launched. The 30-pan palette contains warm-toned neutrals with a silky texture and blendable pigment you dream of. The palette is $17.90 USD.

Then the Thick Drip Lip Oils came through and commanded attention. The ultra-glossy oils add the shimmer, color, and hydration your lips deserve. There are 5 shades (In The Clear, Spotlight, Foolish, Too Close, and Rock It), each retailing for $5.39 USD. All products are available on W7 Cosmetics’ site.

Cxc Beauty turned its unique 21-pan palettes into 9-pan Mini Palettes. The minis are the last six palettes launched in travel-sized form; April Showers Bring May Flowers, Vault of Olympus, X-Ray, Absolutely Essential, Ultra Violet, and Essential Edit. Each palette is $27 (a 6-palette bundle is $150) on Cxc Beauty’s website.

Kristen Leigh Cosmetics absolutely sparkled with its products celebrating 6 years in business. First, the brand debuted the Multichrome Eyeliners. There are 6 fantastic shades with a creamy, crayon formula, and each one shifts into multiple colors. You can pick your fave shade or shades for $8.99 each or the bundle for $45.99.

Then the Piñata Extreme Multichrome highlighter/eyeshadow ($ joined the celebration, the special edition shade shifts between iridescent green, teal, blue, purple, red, pink, and orange. Everything is available on KLC’s site.

Ace Beaute changed up their game with the Smoky Roses eyeshadow palette and the Ultimate Sculpt Face Palette. The Smoky Roses palette ($38.99) is a wash of cool, versatile neutrals with pink undertones, perfect for simple glam looks. To round out your look, the Ultimate Sculpt palette ($41.99) features four creamy shades to easily contour your face and give you a lifted and lively look. Both palettes are available on Ace Beaute’s site.

Moira Beauty added 6 stellar shades to its Glitter Glitter Liner collection. Bling Bling, 24K, Stellar, Alter Ego, Surreal, and Pinky Promise are $7 each on Moira Beauty’s site.

Flower Beauty gave us a hint of its impending rebrand with the pretty Plump Up Gloss Sticks. The 6 sticks feature a gloss/balm formula that hydrates, plumps, and give lips a shiny finish. The Plump Up Gloss Sticks are $11.99 each in CVS stores or on the CVS website.

Beauty Creations collaborated with the popular content creator, Lesdomakeup, on a classy collection. Lesdomakeup x Beauty Creations includes 3 lash styles ($8 each), 2 Lip Trios ($19 each), a lip trio bundle ($38), a bundle ($62), and a PR Box ($70). Get the collection on Beauty Creations’ site.

Kimchi Chic Beauty released its first lash styles, guaranteeing that you are the main attraction. The Super Bish Lash collection features 6 fierce lash styles to ensure that your eye makeup pops. Each lash pair is $12 on KCB’s website.

Profusion Cosmetics prepped for spring with a renewed mindset, apparent in its breathtaking Empowered Butterfly collection. This invigorating collection features the Free Spirit eyeshadow palette ($14), 2 Dazzling Wings Liquid Shimmer Eyeliners ($7 each), 2 Social Butterfly Mousse Blushes ($5 each), Soft Matte Lip Creme Set ($7), Glassy Lip Gloss Set ($7), Repair and Hydrate Lip Mask ($7), Mystical Butterfly Face Stickers ($5), and Flutter Lash 4-Pair Lash set ($10). Everything is online.

L.A Girl focused on playing up the eyes with the 4Play Eyeshadow Collection and the Stellar Ink Foil Eyeliner Pens. The 4Play collection includes 6 monochromatic palettes. All Nighter (blues), Seduce (yellows), Cowgirl (neutrals), Juicy (oranges), Feel Good (pinks), and So Sweet (mauves) are $8 each.
The Stellar Ink Foil Eyeliners come in 6 glitzy shades, $9 each; Galaxy (blue), Sunbeam (orange-brown), Shooting Star (olive), Orbit (dark orange), Stardust (rose gold), and Interstellar (gray). Everything is on L.A Girl’s website.

Shades By Shan celebrated its foray into JCPenney stores with two exclusive eyeshadow palettes. High Rise is great for those who prefer subtle, neutral looks; the palette is warm-toned and has pink undertones, suitable for all skin tones. After Dark is for the babes who love color and the lights on them; this palette is a mix of blues, oranges, and yellow with a couple of neutral shades. Each palette is $44 in JC Penney and online.

Elsewear Cosmetics encouraged beauty lovers to remember that they’re regal with the Royalty Vol. 1 eyeshadow palette. The gorgeous palette is a bold mix of vivacious blues and warm-toned neutrals perfect for every skin tone. Get the palette for $17 on Elsewear’s website.

The Pastel Roses Cosmetics made us wish for spring with its new Pressed Shadows. There are 8 dazzling multichrome shades, a duochrome, and 2 single shadows that create the most mesmerizing looks. Lavender Dust, Purple Magic, Autumn Rush, Summer Dusk, Cyber Candy, Lucky Charmed, Fairy Floss, and Antique are the multichromes and retail for $15.54 USD online.

Edge Beauty kept lips luscious and hydrated with the Oh, My Cherry Lip Oil and the Lavender Lip Glaze. Oh, My Cherry ($15) is rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants that improve dry skin. Lavender Lip Glaze ($15) evens skin tone, reduces anxiety, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Add both of these cuties to your collection from Edge Beauty’s website.

Mooncat hit the Acropolis and communed with the Greek Goddesses to bring us the fantastic Goddess Complex polish collection. These 6 stunning nail lacquers demand attention. Aphrodisiac ($14; sheer pink), Demeter’s Harvest ($15; gold with yellow-red-green shifting shimmers), Artemis’ Deathkiss ($14; gray/purple), Ghosts of Hecate ($15; clear white with blue-purple shifting shimmers), Earth To Gaia ($14; sheer jade green with pink shimmer), and Curse of Calypso ($15; lilac-pink with gold-green shifting shimmers) are available on Moocat’s website plus there is a bundle of all 6 for $78.

Hex Baby Beauty came back from its brief hiatus with 25 new Lucid Liner shades and new packaging. The 25 shades include more oranges and greens (fans demanded them!) while retaining its amazing formula. As for the packaging, the liners are now housed in short, round jars instead of tall and square jars, making organization easier. Mix and match your Lucid Liners for $6.99 each on Hex Baby Beauty’s site

*You can use my code “ajmonique” to save 10% on your order

Catrice Cosmetics brought the glam back to lips with the Shine Bomb Lipstick collection. The 10 beautiful shades have a high-shine finish and make lips appear more full, resulting in a tempting pout. Each shade is $7 on Catrice’s website.

Pink As Gold Cosmetics kept complexions clean and clear with the Facial Foam Cleanser. The skincare product is great for oily and combination skin types, easily removing impurities to prep the face for makeup application. Grab the cleanser for $12 online.

Sheglam made lips the center of attention with the Dynamatte Boom Long-Lasting Matte Lipsticks. The 20 luscious shades range from naughty nudes to firecracker reds to sultry purples. You can pick your shades online for $5.99 each.

Dominique Cosmetics added another shade to its Smooth & Blur Setting Powders. Rosita Brightening Pink brightens the face and gives a more refreshing appearance. Rosita is $22 on Dominique Cosmetics’ site and at Sephora.

MEZ Beauty shared the vibrance of the Caribbean in the gorgeous Coleur Kweyol eyeshadow palette. The 21 shades each tell a story about the rich culture of the islands. Coleur Kweyol is $35 on MEZ Beauty’s website.

Badass Beauties collaborated with TikToker Ashley Elliott (famous for her hair gel videos) on the Gel Collection. The vibrant collection features the Gel Queen palette, Annoy Your Husband Blush Duo, Brighter Than Your Future Highlighter, Ashley Lipgloss, a Mirror, and a 14-piece Brush Set. The collection is currently available as a bundle ($160) and on preorder, set to be shipped within 10 weeks. If you want to order individual items, they will be available in June online.

February came through and completely slayed; each collection and product really brought excitement back to the beauty community. Which launch is your favorite? Comment below and be sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (all links below!) so you don’t miss a single Roundup or post.

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