Cosmetic Launch Roundup: February 1-14, 2023

Mamacita Cosmetics kicked off Valentine’s celebrations early with the electrifying Glitter Party palette. There are 24 stunning glitter gels (fine and chunky formulas) ranging from iridescent whites to bold oranges to sultry blues. Glitter Party is $100 on Mamacita Cosmetics’ website.

E.l.f Cosmetics prepped pouts for Valentine’s Day with 10 new O Face Satin Lipsticks. The new sultry shades command attention and with a satin finish, give you a boost of confidence. Each shade is $9 on E.l.f’s site.

Jean-Luc Cosmetics indulged both the loving and carnal sides of Valentine’s Day with the LoveLust Lip Gloss collection. The 12 alluring shades give you a luscious and irresistible pout. Each shade is $18 or you can shop the 6-piece bundles ($93), one representing Love (the reds) and the other Lust (nudes). Available on JL’s site.

Artist Moon Beauty sparkled through the week with the Zodiac Glitter collection. Each mesmerizing shade represents a zodiac sign. The glitters are available in 5g jars ($5) and 10g ($8) each on Artist Moon’s site.

Essence Cosmetics added two new palettes to its 6-pan fam. Don’t Stop Believin’ In… is a mix of pinks and neutrals, perfect for everyday looks. Don’t Worry Be… is all chic cool-toned neutrals. Each palette is $4.99 online.

Beauty Creations updated its liquid eyeliners for those who upped their liner skills. The Overachiever collection features four different formulas. Angled Liquid Liner ($4) has a diagonal tip that adds more flair to the flicked wing. Infinity Wear Liquid Liner ($4) has a thin felt tip and is long-lasting. On Point Liquid Liner ($4) has a super fine tip that gives you more control over how exactly you want your wing. Last but not least, the Liquid Marker ($4) has a thick tip and glides easily and with precision. Oh, and there’s a PR box with all 5 products ($15). The Overachiever collection is up for grabs on BC’s website.

Withlove Cosmetics added two more dazzling Pressed Glitters to its massive collection. Malibu is a pretty dark bluish-gray shade and Lavender Holo is a chic cool-toned lavender. Each shade is $10 USD on Withlove’s website.

Bella Jay’s Lashes dropped three new lash styles for any and all occasions. Diana ($10) is a fluffy lash perfect for simple makeup looks. Babe ($9) is great for those who love a good cat-eye look. Lastly, Nikki ($9) is a cute doll-eye lash style. You can get these styles on Bella Jay’s site.

Formula 10.0.6 went above and beyond to create the restorative Land + Sea collection. This skincare collection aims to nurture and balance the skin with 5 products. Take The Plunge Triple Action Cleanser ($8.99), The Great Abyss Renewing Sleep Mask ($8.99), Clear The Deck Exfoliating Face Scrub ($8.99), The Deepest Dive Detoxifying Clay Mask ($8.99), and Beyond The Coast Balancing Peel Mask ($8.99) are available online and will be in Ulta stores soon.

Mba Cosmetics delved into love with two new 6-pan eyeshadow palettes great for the upcoming holiday. Ladylove is a flirty color story of pinks and neutrals. Plush is a sultrier palette of reds and warm neutrals. Each palette is $23 on Mba Cosmetics’ website.

Bebella Cosmetics served up a delectable Valentine collection for fans. The Very Cherry collection is bold and includes the 16-pan Very Cherry palette ($12), Sweet Cherry Lip Trio ($14), and a PR Box ($30) that includes a cute pair of red sunglasses. The juicy collection is available on Bebella’s site.

Kash Beauty released its highly anticipated Lock In Your Look collection, featuring the brand’s first setting powder and setting spray. The Setting Powder is a translucent shade that brightens, smoothes, and sets the skin with a matte formula. The Setting Face Mist is lightweight and prevents makeup from creasing or budging for up to 12 hours. For those who need both, there are a few bundle options on Kash Beauty’s website.

Winklerry Beauty added 7 new lustrous shadows to its ever-growing inventory. Two of the shades are part of the HyperSplash Multichrome collection; Boys Next Door (shifts green-lime-gold-blue) and Swipe Right (shifts lime green-bright yellow-orang-pink), $16.50 each. Mad Love ($12) is a holographic multichrome shade that shifts deep red, bronze, and orange. About Last Night (shifts deep purple and gold), Sweet Talk (shifts soft pink and yellow), and I Feel Ya (shifts lavender and soft yellow) are all duochromes and cost $5 each. Last, Clingy ($10) is a holographic duochrome that shifts baby pink and gold. All the shadows are available online.

Boys Next Door (left) and Swipe Right (right)
Mad Love
About Last night (left), Sweet Talk (middle), and I Feel Ya (right)

Colourpop debuted the permanent lineup of the popular Jelly Much Shadows. The brand settled on 16 beautiful shades, each retailing for $9 on Colourpop’s website.

Edge Beauty revamped its packaging and formulas for its eyeshadow palettes. Mixture Volume 1 ($46) went from cute to stellar packaging and the shades look impeccable. Then the Mini Mixture palettes debuted new color stories and names; Vibes, Modular, Honey, Dream, and Luxe are $18 each. Pick your favorite palettes on Edge Beauty’s site.

Menagerie Cosmetics created two unique blush shades for its growing face product lineup. Dandelions is a delicate ochre yellow shade while Thistle is a pretty lavender with a pink/purple glow. Each blush is $20 online.

Cxc Beauty heeded fan requests and created a mixed palette from the April Showers and May Flowers palettes, resulting in the spectacular April Showers Bring May Flowers palette. The 21 shades perfectly capture spring’s aesthetic. April Showers Bring May Flowers is now a permanent product and retails for $59 on Cxc Beauty’s website.

2Serna Cosmetics got in their feels with its coquettish With Love collection. The V-Day collection includes the 16-pan With Love palette ($30) and 2 OverXposed Hi-Liters ($20 each; Admiration and Scorching). You can get the collection on 2Serna’s site.

Looxi Beauty finally released its spring shadow collection, the Eye Candies. 12 stunning eyeshadows that shift in multiple colors. Plus the shade names sound delicious; (picture order) Sour Watermelon, Jelly Bean, Chocolate Cherry, Blue Razz, Gummi, Lemon Head, Now & Maybe Later, Licorice Lace, Cookies N Creme, Red Hot, Salt Water Taffy, Jawbreaker. Each shade is $3 and the bundle is $36 on Looxi Beauty’s website.

Ensley Reigns Cosmetics flew through the galaxy with the astounding Cosmic Dreamer Full Moon collection. There are 11 multichrome shades in the majestic collection, each costing $17 (an 11-piece bundle is $180). Cosmic Reign, Holo Moon, Cosmic Ember, Lotus Moon, Lucid Dreams, Peculiar Galaxy, Nebula, Space Junkie, Moonshadow, Cosmic Queen, and Lucidity are all available on Ensley Reigns’ website.

Makeup Revolution had the complexion game on lock with the release of the IRL Filter Finish Concealers and the Balm Glows. First, the Concealers ($7 USD each) joined the viral IRL lineup, the 28 shades suiting a nice variety of skin tones and undertones. Then the multiuse Balm Glows add a dewy glow to your eyes, lips, or face, coming in 8 shades. Both products are available online.

Dominique Cosmetics released its first lash styles in its 5-year history. The three styles are named Ojitos, Flirty, and Fierce, each costing $14 and can be used up to 25 times. Along with the lashes comes an Eyelash Tool Kit ($22) with a pair of scissors and an applicator and the Essential Lashes & Tool Kit Bundle ($64). Everything is available on Dominique Cosmetics’ site.

Yuku-Na Glow collaborated with Queen Beauty on the gorgeous, limited-edition Wiradjuri × Bundjalung eyeshadow palette. Retailing for $70, the 15-pan palette has a nice variety of shades with which you create a plethora of looks, from smoky eyes to daytime glam. You can get the palette online.

Catrice Cosmetics gave lips a juicy boost with the Lip Jam Hydrating Lip Glosses. These glosses give lips a brilliant shine and come in five flavors (You Are One In A Melon, Strawrr Baby, A Little Peach of Heaven, I Like You Berry Much, and It Was Mint To Be). Choose your flavor for $5 on Catrice’s site.

Pinklipps Cosmetics took its popular matte lipsticks and turned them into minis. The Everlasting Mini Mattes come in three shades: Love Her (deep purple), Cherry Bomb (red), and Classy Chic (nude). Each shade is $7 on Pinklipps Cosmetics’ site.

Cosmic Brushes sought the perfect color story and manifested it through the breathtaking Muse eyeshadow palette. The 20-pan palette features deep jewel tones and neutrals with intense pigment. Muse is $23 USD online.

Oden’s Eye Cosmetics collaborated with three beauty influencers and gifted fans with the eye-catching Perfect World collection. There are three palettes, one per influencer. Flora Story is an earthy palette filled with greens and neutrals, curated by Amanda (@/ Sea Talk is all bright shades, inspired by marine life, and crafted by Lauren (@/laurenmaebeauty). The last palette, Planet Spirit, is Betty Jean’s (@/battybean_) ode to animals and features pinks and purples with other bright colors. Each palette is $33.90 USD and the bundle is $91.95 USD on Oden’s Eye Cosmetics’ website.

AMF Lipstick brought the glam into Valentine’s Day with the Luxe Lipstick collection. 5 bold, shimmery lipsticks that are simply must-haves. Secret Shenanigans (glittery purple), Timeless Beauty (glittery light purple), Magic Touch (metallic bronze), Romantic Soul (red with gold glitter flecks), and Champagne Toast (metallic champagne) are $28 each ($112 bundled!) on AMF Lipsticks’ site.

Cloudy Sugar Lips gave fans a reason to be obsessed with the Lovesick Yandere Lip Gloss. The berry red shade glides on smoothly and sits comfortably once applied. Get the gloss for $10.99 online.

Glisten Cosmetics encouraged everyone to let loose and get creative with the stellar Spectra Paints. The 10 cosmetic paints can be used as a base, blush, lip color, and more, making these an asset to anyone’s collection. Each paint is $12 USD or $88 USD for the 10-piece bundle on Glisten’s website.

Queen Cosmetics had us wishing upon a star with the stunning Stargazing lip gloss. The vibrant, shimmery pink shade has gold undertones that give off a sparkle that captures the eye. Rock this shade for any occasion by getting it on Queen Cosmetics’ site for $12.

Ioni Cosmetics gifted fans for Valentine’s Day with the Love Box collection. This flirty collection features 8 lash styles, Everlasting Lash Glue, and Everlasting 2-in-1 Lash Glue Liner, all for $25 online.

Glamlite joined forces with the horror icons Chucky and Tiffany Valentine to bring a collection worth slashing for. Chucky x Glamlite celebrates the 35th anniversary of the first Chucky movie plus Valentine’s Day with the villainous couple. Included is the Crazy In Love palette ($32), Chucky Lip Kit ($15), Tiffany Lip Kit ($15), Chucky Eyeliner Duo ($18), Romance Is Dead Mirror ($15), Chucky Blush ($14), Dangerous Duo Lip Kit bundle ($26), and the full collection bundle ($99). The Chucky extravaganza is up for grabs on Glamlite’s website.

O.M.G these launches had my heart fluttering. Every single product looks great and since Valentine’s Day is coming up, this is the perfect gift to give the makeup addict in your life. Nothing says I love you like a new palette (or lipstick… Or foundation). Which products are you picking up? Comment below and make sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (all links are below!) so you don’t miss a single Roundup.

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