Black Beauty Content Creators To Follow

It’s February and that means black history month! In honor of my fellow black creators, I decided to share a few of my favorite black makeup artists/content creators. 

Tamara Renaye

Tamara’s IG highlight pic

If you enjoy easy-to-follow tutorials and flawless makeup looks, you need to subscribe to Tamara’s channel. She is based in Toronto and has a flair for all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Beyond makeup content, she serves us with hair inspo through wig install videos. Her videos are fun to watch and her blend game is amazing and very detailed. It’s easy to see why Tamara has 145k Youtube subscribers and 165k followers on Instagram.

Kaayla Dee

Kaayla’s IG profile pic

This Canadian makeup enthusiast not only creates content but she owns her own makeup brand Isadore Beauty, specializing in lashes and glosses plus wigs. Kaayla’s content ranges from wig installations to great makeup tutorials. In her tutorials, Kaayla demonstrates her knowledge of the products and gives good tips to help beginners. You can feel a genuine love of makeup from her and I love the fact that she does voiceovers in her videos. She has 100k followers on Instagram and 157k Youtube subscribers.


Youkeyy Youtube pic

One of my favorite Youtubers from the second wave of beauty influencers, Youkeyy became known for her colorful eyeshadow looks and great personality, making her relatable. The Nigrian-American bauty currently works as an RN and it looks like she may have gotten busy with her full-time job as she hasn’t posted in nearly two years. Don’t let that deter you from watching her tutorials; you learn a lot and feel inspired after seeing what she creates. Youkeyy still boasts 471k subscribers.

Brianna Monea

Brianna’s IG profile pic

Brianna is a makeup artist based in New York City. Her content is a nice blend of work on clients and fun tutorials on herself. Youtube is primarily clients and she shares various tips and tricks that have helped me with my own approach to artistry. She also does quick looks on herself for TikTok. Her tutorials are easy-to-follow and great for beginners. She has 4,074 Youtube subscribers, 4.1k on TikTok, and 9,972 followers on Instagram.

Who are some of your favorite black content creators? Share in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique for more beauty content (all links are below!).

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