Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 9-16, 2022

Kara Beauty dethroned its first all-glitter palette and replaced it with the 42-pan Mega Glitz palette. This pressed glitter palette adds the perfect amount of shine to any look, making you the center of attention. Mega Glitz is $28.99 on Kara Beauty’s website.

Beauty Creations ensured that everyone’s lips would stay smooth and nourished with the BC Lip Scrubs and Masks collection. There are 6 scrubs and 6 masks with different scents (apple, strawberry, watermelon, cucumber, blueberry, and peach). You can get the scrubs and masks separately ($5), as a scent set ($9 each), or the full PR set ($49) on Beauty Creations’ site.

Hipdot x Sesame Street collection grew with the release of 6-pan eyeshadow palettes and a lash pair. There are three adorable palettes based on the three most popular characters: Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster. Each palette is $18. The Snuffleupagus lash pair is cute and wispy, retailing for $8. For those who want everything, there is also a Collector’s Box ($68). Everything is available online.

Wicked Widow Beauty capitalized on its bestselling Scissorhands palette and gifted us with a sequel. Scissorhand Palette 2 features 8 mattes and 8 duochromes in a darker gorgeous color story. Get the palette for $52 on Wicked Widow’s site.

Lovelace Cosmetics blended the known and unknown together with the cool-toned mystical Cold Blooded Bride palette. The 9-pan palette is inspired by a lesser-known bride of Dracula and features the aesthetic of Corpse Bride. The Cold Blooded Bride palette is $30.99 on Lovelace’s website.

Colourpop kept things cute and dainty with its Pretty Please collection. The coquettish collection features the 12-pan Pretty Please palette ($18), Serve Looks brush set ($20), 4 Colour Stix ($7 each), 3 Serum Blushes ($8 each), 3 Lip Cremes ($9 each), and a Full Collection set ($89). Pretty Please is up for grabs online.

Metamorphosis Bf brought the holidays some glimmer with the beautiful Brillando collection. A deer adorns the collection’s artwork, giving a cute and curious vibe. There are three loose highlighters ($14.99), perfect for the face and body, and a face mirror ($9.99) plus a collection bundle ($50). Brillando is available on Metamorphosis’ website.

Aisuri Beauty gave us sparkle for days with the mesmerizing Shimmer Me Pretty palette. The 9 shimmer and glitter shades are not only beautiful but also versatile; use on your eyes, lips, and face. Shimmer Me Pretty is $18.99 on Aisuri’s website.

Otaku Baby curated perfect color eyeliners to spice up eye looks. The Game Over Eyeliner Set features 18 bold shades, from chic red to classic black and every color in between, making eyeliner fun again. The eyeliner set is $40 on Otaku Baby’s website.

The second week of December came and went quickly. There are so many cute options to gift makeup lovers for the holidays. Which launch (or launches) caught your eye this week? Comment below and be sure to follow Indie Clique (click that follow button!) and on social media (all links below) so you don’t miss any Roundups.

Photo Credits:

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