Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 1-8, 2022

Aura Lotus Beauty rejuvenated lips with the gorgeous Lip Puddles collection. The five nude glosses have a velvet finish and are infused with skin-loving natural ingredients like shea butter to keep lips hydrated. Iced Rose, Nude By Nature, Crushed Cocoa, Petal, and Almond are $17.38 USD online.

Vampiva Cosmetics fluttered into December with a new lash style and three liquid lipsticks. Blair ($9.99) is a fluffy lash pair that accentuates the eyes beautifully. The three vampy liquid lipsticks ($15 each) are Aphrodite (bold red), Lilith (sultry black), and Elena (a tan nude). Everything is available on Vampiva’s website.

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Made By Mitchell added a bit of glam to holiday looks with the fabulous Disco Beam Glitter Lip Glosses and the Blursh Pressed Blush and Bronzer collection. First, the six new glosses ($16 each) perfectly capture the disco aesthetic and promise high shine to make you the center of attention. 

The Blursh collection went from liquid to powder with 12 pressed blushes and 8 bronzers, $16 each. The blushes feature a velvet texture ranging from yellow to orange to purple. The bronzers easily blur pores and provide warmth to the face. 

Everything is up for grabs on Made By Mitchell’s site.

Colourpop was mesmerized by the Northern Lights and shared the fascination with the Aurora Struck collection. The airy collection features the Aurora Struck mega palette ($35), 3 Lux Lip Oils ($10), 3 Lite Stix ($10 each), Shimmering Dry Oil ($10), Panomaric Face and Eye Gloss ($10), and the full collection bundle ($99). The Aurora Struck collection is available online.

Ryan Sims Beauty is a new brand created by pro-MUA Ryan Sims. The brand debuted with 9 matte liquid lipsticks and 9 High Shine Glosses that suit every skin tone. The lipsticks ($22 each)  feature a long-wearing and weightless formula, the shades ranging from nude to pink to red. The glosses ($20 each) are non-sticky and hydrate lips, making them feel super soft. Pick your shades on Ryan Sims Beauty’s website.

Cxc Beauty dared to bring the riches of Mount Olympus to us with the extraordinary Vault of Olympus palette. The stunning palette contains 21 shades, from gilded gold to luscious pink to blinding white. The shades are named after famous Greek figures and weapons like Pegasus and Poseidon’s Trident. You can get the palette for $59 on Cxc Beauty’s site.

Jcat Beauty cured our cravings with the delicious Sweet Tooth Palette Bar collection. The four palettes are inspired by different treats and have 9 shades each. Berry Cream (pink tones), Coffee Toffee (bold neutrals), Peanut Butter (yellow and orange), and Grape Crunch (purple tones). Each palette is $5.99 on Jcat Beauty’s website.

Nyx Cosmetics collaborated with the sci-fi smash film Avatar, the blue-themed collection inspiring a deep dive into artistry. Nyx Cosmetics For Avatar features The Color palette ($40), 3 Luminescent Glosses ($9 each), Pandoran Paradise palette ($25), 2 Paper Lipsticks ($10.50 each), 3 Biolume Sticks ($15 each), Na’Vi Paint ($15), and Metkayina Mist ($15). Everything is available online.

Rock and Roll Beauty kept the rebellious spirit of rock and roll alive with its Twisted Sister collection. Inspired by and named after the badass 80s band, the collection is a blaze of color and glam. Included in the collection are the Face and Shadow palette ($25), Blush and Highlight palette ($12), Red Lip Kit duo ($15), Eyeshadow Stick Trio ($15), a Handheld Mirror ($15), Nail Kit ($10), I Wanna Rock cosmetic bag ($18), Logo cosmetic bag ($18), and 3 Candles ($22 each). Rock out with the collection available on Rock and Roll Beauty’s site.

Tobaglo Cosmetics kept skin looking lustrous with the stellar Tobaglo Estate contour, blush, and highlight palette. There are two versions of the palette; the 50% melanated is great for medium/tan skin tones while the 75% melanated illuminates deeper skin tones beautifully. Whichever palette is best for your skin tone, it’s $24 on Tobaglo’s website.

Otaku Baby dropped its own gorgeous version of the popular water-activated liners. The Magical Eyeliner Kits come in two variations; Style 1 is brighter, more pastel shades while Style 2 is dark and sultry. Whichever liner kit you choose, it retails for $16 on Otaku Baby’s site.

Sheglam mixed the Y2K aesthetic and retro-tech with the fantastic Glitch Out collection. The collection features the Glitch Out Palette duo ($8.49), Re-Boot Blush palette ($5.99), 404 Lip Scrub ($3.99), Lip Hacker Lipgloss set ($7.99), and a full collection bundle ($26.99). Glitch Out is available online.

Pink Euphoria Cosmetics released its dreamy Winter Lipgloss Collection, four shades that keep lips shiny and hydrated. Cocoa Kiss, Champagne Snow, Pink N Cozy, and Winter Dreams are $7.99 on Pink Euphoria’s site.

Blend Bunny Cosmetics made eyeshadow application a bit easier and more precise with the Precision Tape. Coming in two colors (pink and purple), the tape helps with wings, sharp-edged looks, and more. You can pick your tape for $6 on Blend Bunny’s website.

Kimchi Chic Beauty knows that there’s nothing better than having a partner in crime so the brand dropped the Spinning Hearts Love collection. Lifetime Partner (matte nudes) and Partner In Crime (glittery nudes) perfectly complement each other and cost $25 each on KCB’s website.

Resilient Girl Beauty spread its wings and prepared to soar into a bright 2023 with the mesmerizing RGB Butterfly palette. The 16 shades span the rainbow and the shade names speak to the names and characteristics of butterflies. You can get the palette for $30 on RGB’s site.

One of the longest Roundups of the year and these launches are all amazing. Which product is your fave launch this week? Share in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique here (follow button) and on social media (all links below) so you don’t miss any launches or beauty news.

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