Dramarama #6: July 2022

We all know by now that once something lands on the internet, it stays there forever. One beauty guru seemed to have forgotten that and landed in hot water again. Welcome to Dramarama, where I spill the tea on the scandals happening in the beauty scene. Grab a snack and get cozy while we talk about drama.

Stirred The Pot, Didn’t Expect to Get Burned

Jaclyn Hill is no stranger to controversy. From 2017-2019, everything she got involved with turned into a mess. Her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics was underwhelmed and got pulled quickly, her Vault palette collection with Morphe underperformed in quality and the response from both parties. Lastly, her launching her own brand sent fans into a tizzy.

The drama this time comes from Jaclyn shading her “haters/detractors” on her Instagram story. She posted a photo of herself and captioned it with “Not me still wearing my lipsticks that people claimed were contaminated, filled with mold & harming people… Bad bitches only.” 

A fan responded with “So were they not contaminated?”. Jaclyn laughed it off, replying with “Lmao NO!!! 2% of my lipsticks had white fuzzies and air bubbles in them.” She added more info and played the victim (screenshots have the rest of the response). Jaclyn plays victim and claims that people lied about her and got the rest of the internet riled up… Okay then.

Twitter user Harley Jenn Makeup (@/harleyjennMC) called Jaclyn out on Twitter (all screenshots below!). Harley shared that she had sharp pieces of presumable glass in her lipstick and scolded Jaclyn for downplaying the situation. Several people chimed in, a few supporting Jaclyn and yelling at Harley while others clapped back in support of Harley. As of now, Jaclyn has not responded to Harley and people highly doubt that she will.

My take: Jaclyn remains detached and lacks accountability in every sense of the word. First of all, you’re wearing expired lipstick and it could lead to several health issues. Second, it was actually well documented that your beloved lipsticks had some pieces of metal and glass embedded in a few tubes but others had bubbles and mold on them. 

At the time of the incident, you swore up and down that the products had been checked for quality. You then released a crap apology video that ended up being taken down after people refused to believe you cared and called you a manipulator. This was followed by you fleeing the beauty scene until your next venture. In regards to the lipsticks, you offered to refund people who submitted actual evidence of the contamination yet some still say they never received their refund. 

REFLECT, JACLYN!! You cannot claim to have grown as a person, as a brand owner, as whatever and still have the same nasty, entitled attitude. Picking fights with people and then deleting stuff never works. People screenshot and are quick to discuss things, especially when it comes to celebrities and Youtube stars. Just… For the love of God, work on yourself and stop creating the drama that you supposedly hate so much.

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*Screenshot credits to Harley Jenn Makeup’s Twitter.

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