Cosmetic Launch Roundup: June 17-23, 2022

Jcat Beauty gave royal realness with the House of Queens collection. The four palettes feature 5 matte shadows, 5 shimmers, and 5 water-activated liners, all making a beautifully cohesive color story. Luxy Charms, Queen of Heart, Royal-tea & Spade, and Diamond Dealer are $11.99 each on Jcat’s website.

Pacifica Beauty brought the heat with the Sundreams Bronzer collection. These five creamy shades are infused with floral extracts for a hydration boost. Sandy Kiss (fair), Glow (light/tan), Summer (medium), California (rich), and Ember (deeply rich) are $16 each on Pacifica Beauty’s site.

Kara Beauty had Oprah’s mantra in mind; “You get a palette, and you get a palette, everyone gets a palette!” There were three drops this week. Two new Kara Duo palettes received an upgrade and feature a blush, highlight, and 8 shadows. Sky High, Deep Dreams and Sea Me Shine are $17.49. 

The other palette is celebrating Cancer season (happy birthday, fellow Cancerians!!) and is the 9th palette in the zodiac series. The Cancer palette is 8 shades of beach vibes and retails for $16.99. Everything is available on Kara Beauty’s site.

Meera Beauty collaborated with Devin Devereax Banx on the gorgeous The Devine eyeshadow palette. The 12 jewel-toned shades were picked by Devin and inspired by timeless black beauty. The palette is $36 on Meera Beauty’s website.

Colourpop collaborated with Jasmine Chiswell, a well-known vintage Hollywood enthusiast and influencer. Colourpop x Jasmine features the Hello Hollywood palette ($12), Such A Starlet palette ($12), 2 Lux Glosses ($10 each), and 3 Lux Lipstick kits ($16 each), and a full collection set ($88). Colourpop x Jasmine is available online.

Vampiva Cosmetics delivered a dash of sparkle with the new Glitter Gel collection. The first shade, a beautiful red shimmery gel, is called Redrum. You can preorder Redrum for $6.99 on Vampiva’s site.

Joah Beauty kept complexions shining with the brilliant Liquid Rays Highlighters. These two shades, Pink Dawn (pearlescent pink) and Golden Hour (sunkissed), are longwearing and perfect for summer. Pick your shade on Joah Beauty’s site for $11.99.

Rude Cosmetics puts its own cute spin on manga and the light it brings to readers with the Manga Collection Twinkle Twinkle Highlighters. There are four highlighters in the collection, each suiting a different skin tone. Neko-Chan’s Paws (fair), Sawa-Chan’s Heart (tan), Kirei-Sama’s Playlist (light), and Rudeko’s Dragon (rich) are $7.50 each on Rude’s website.

Jean-Luc Cosmetics celebrated its 1st birthday and booming success with the mesmerizing Rain Glow Highlighters. The three shades are sheer but buildable and give your complexion the glow it deserves. Sickening (warm gold), Yassify (pearlescent white), and Sugar Baby (pearlescent pink) are $23 each (bundled for $62) online.

Moira Beauty ensured that eyeshadow wouldn’t smear or budge by creating the Waterproof Peptide Eyeshadow Primer. The lightweight and colorless primer leaves smooth and fade-proof coverage and is infused with peptides and vitamin E to prevent aging. The primer is up for grabs on Moira’s site for $8.

Essence Makeup added three more destinations to its popular Welcome To palette collection. The three new cities are London, Miami, and Rome. Each palette is $9.99 online.

This week was busy but worth it to see the variety of collections and what each brand brought to the table. Which launch is your favorite this week? Comment below and be sure that you’re following Indie Clique here and on social media (links below!).

Photo Credits:

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