Top 5 Palettes We’re Picking For Pride Month

Pride month is already in full swing and inspiration for amazing makeup looks is everywhere but which palettes are you reaching for? I’m here to spill a few rainbow palettes that are perfect for celebrating Pride.

Electric City (Lurella Cosmetics) $20

This 12-pan matte palette is a staple in my collection, its pigment proving to be insane and blending well. Electric City’s aesthetic fits right in with the celebratory atmosphere of Pride and empowers you to get colorfully loud.

Queen Of The Hood (Royalty Cosmetics) $35

Talk about having a gorgeous blend of shimmers and mattes into a striking color story plus some kick-ass packaging. These shades are bold and almost neon-like, meaning that you’ll stand out in any Pride event you attend. An added bonus is that Queen Of The Hood is 30% off during this month (use code “PRIDE” at checkout).

Spooky Island (Hex Baby Beauty) $28

Sixteen lustrous colors with a witchy color story plus pigment that packs a punch. Not only do you get ROYGBIV but you get black and white shades to add a bit of spice to your Pride looks. 

*If you choose to use my code “ajmonique” at checkout, I receive a small commission from the brand at no additional cost to you*

Player 2 (Yva Expressions) $25.99

Some of the gamers I watch on Youtube are part of the LGBTQ+ community and this palette is perfect for gamers and makeup lovers alike. The cute artwork features two gamers and the 12 beautiful colors (8 mattes, 4 shimmers) really captures the beauty of Pride and the bonds that are created between people during this time.

Rainbow Bloom (Ruby May Cosmetics) $48

Specifically created for Pride, the Rainbow Bloom palette is 14 shades perfectly lined up to represent the rainbow; the upper row is all shimmers and the bottom is all mattes. Ruby May is also donating proceeds all month long to the organization of your choice (The Trevor Project or The Desert Aids Project).

Obviously, there are so many other brands and palettes to choose from but, in my humble opinion, these are some of the best overall palettes to do colorful and prideful looks with. Let me know your favorite rainbow-colored palette in the comments and be sure that you’re following Indie Clique here and on social media (all links below) so you don’t miss a single post.

Photo Credits:

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