Hex Baby Beauty’s High Priestess Review

Hex Baby Beauty has officially been in business for a year and I have been in love with every single release. The first product I bought was the beautiful High Priestess blush/highlight palette ($22). The artwork caught my eye but the three blush shades and three highlight shades flatter all skin tones.


The palette is a pretty pink with black accents bordering the front and the ingredients are listed on the back along with the shelf life jar (good for 24 months). The artwork features a woman with her hands pressed together in prayer. She has long black hair held back with a horned headdress and a third eye. She wears armbands on the upper part of the arm and a pink leotard with a black cross in the middle. Four pink eyes sit on her thighs (two per thigh) and she also wears black garters. The palette’s name is at the bottom of the palette in a pretty, gothic font.

Shades + Swatches

There are three blush shades and three highlighters; Crucifix (pearl white), Vestal (gold), and Rosary (pink) are the highlight shades while Cenobite (red), Sacred (plum), and Postulant (pink) are the blushes.

The arm swatches show off the pigmentation of these shades. I swirled my finger in each pan three times (as usual) and the color payoff was amazing. My advice is honestly to think “less is more”; you don’t have to coat your brush in the product to get a flushed or glowy look. A couple dabs in the shade of your choice is enough to show up on your face. 

The highlighters had some fallout but not enough to make a fuss about. I was surprised at how bright these shades look and have to say that Rosary has my heart. Vestal is pretty on darker skin tones but in moderation while Crucifix is great for fair/lighter skin tones. 

The blushes work well for all skin tones, a fact that surprised me. Cenobite is gorgeous on fair/tan skin tones and works well on darker skin tones when applied sparingly. Sacred is my fave of the three and really suits darker skin tones and should be applied delicately by lighter complexions. Postulant pops on light/tan complexions and suits darker skin tones when used delicately. 

All six shades work well together and you can have a lot of fun pairing different shades for a mix of looks. I have used all of them and learned to use a light touch when applying for the best payoff.


I have a few looks where I used the palette but decided to make things easier with a swatch video (shameless Tik Tok plug; @ indie.clique). I did all six shades with the names accompanying them.

Final Thoughts

High Priestess is definitely a great complexion palette for both beginners and pros. The pigment is insane, the shades work with all skin tones, and the price point of $22 is an amazing deal. As of right now, the palette is out of stock but make sure you follow Hex Baby Beauty for updates.

What do you think of High Priestess? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure that you are following Indie Clique here and on social media (all links are below!). I have more reviews, swatches, and other beauty content coming soon and you don’t want to miss out!

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