Cosmetic Launch Roundup: February 22-28, 2022

Kristen Leigh Cosmetics celebrated five years of business with several products. The Party Favor multichrome highlighter ($20.99 pan; $22.99 compact) shifts in warm gold, orange, cool gold, light green, teal, red, bright pink, and gold. 

Then the Super Foils Eyeshadow Trios debuted. Three glam shadows in a foil finish; Serene (deep rose gold), Champagne Wasted (light yellow-gold), and Bronzed Beauty (bronze) are $8.99 each (pan only), $10.99 (compacts), or $25 (bundled). All products are available on Kristen Leigh’s website.

Ccolor Cosmetics came back with not one, not two but three eyeshadow palettes. Heavenly Rose ($12) is 14 shades of mauve goodness and beautiful shimmers. Neutral Instinct ($12) is a beautiful 14-pan palette with a mix of warm and cool-toned neutral shades, perfect for natural glam looks. Last but not least, Guardian ($15) is a gorgeous spring-esque palette with a myriad of bold colors, 28 to be exact. All three palettes are available online.

Lois Cosmetics captured hearts with the mesmerizing Meet Me at Midnight palette. The palette evokes a mysterious vibe and the 16 shade names perfectly describe what happens after midnight. Meet Me at Midnight is $39 USD on Lois’ website.

Profusion Cosmetics added three new shades to its Perfect Pout Soft Matte Lip Tints. Confident, Humble, and Curious are $5 each online.

Made By Mitchell slayed the eyeliner game with the All Smudge, No Budge collection. The four luxurious eyeliner shades are: In The Nude (nude), Make A Toast (warm brown), Tigers Eye (chocolate brown), and Black Track (black). Each liner is $13 USD on Made By Mitchell’s site.

Rude Cosmetics upgraded its City of Flashing Lights eyeliners with even more shades and pigment. There are 32 shades available (up from the original 6), $4.50 each, or get all 32 as a bundle for $90 on Rude’s site.

This is one of the few times this year that the Roundup will be a quick read, with most brands still prepping their spring releases. Which product is your fave for this week? Let me know in the comments and be sure that you’re following Indie Clique here and on social media (links below!). You don’t want to miss any Roundups, reviews, or swatches.

Photo Credits:

Kristen Leigh Cosmetics (Instagram)

Ccolor Cosmetics (Instagram)

Lois Cosmetics (Instagram)

Profusion Cosmetics (Instagram)

Kimchi Chic Beauty (Instagram)

Made By Mitchell (Instagram)

Rude Cosmetics (Instagram)

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