Dramarama #2: January 2022

Another month, another scandal. Welcome to Dramarama, where I break down the scuffles happening in the indie beauty community. This month was pretty drama-free since we did just kick-off 2022 but the beauty world just has to have at least one fight a month. Let’s sip the tea, shall we?

Makeup creator extraordinaire Doodles By The Bunny capped off a very successful year with several brands working with her to design eyeshadow palettes. Lurella Cosmetics released a couple palettes and Coloured Raine did the beautiful Botanical collection with her but the big release was with Milan Rowe. The Poison Ivy palette is a pretty green eyeshadow palette… Groundbreaking, right? Anyway, the drama comes from the need to compare her work to whatever launches are posted on Instagram, this time those sharp eyes focused on the very small indie brand Chixxie Beauty.

Before we get to the “good part”, I want to preface this by saying that I have seen many of Doodles’ projects and she made the mistake of never doing anything legal to protect her work. She was ripped off by a Chinese beauty brand and posted her anguish about her hard work being taken and bastardized and quite badly, might I add. That absolutely sucks but since that incident, she has been like a hawk on several makeup release pages. Back to the drama…

Doodles decided to throw shade at the small brand with several comments. Indie makeup release page Makeupreleaseradar posted about Chixxie’s Poison Ivy palette and Doodles immediately jumped into the comment section saying “Or if you want the original Poison Ivy palette, head on over to the Milan Rowe website (laugh emoji)”. Check out the screenshots for her comments. That in itself is funny because it seems like she’s mad about nothing. For comparison check out both Poison Ivy palettes.

The Milan Rowe palette has 14 shades to Chixxie Beauty’s 12 shades. The artwork is completely different with the MR palette having quite basic green packaging and the font is created with ivy branches.

The Chixxie palette captured eyes on Instagram, with some people clamoring to buy it upon release. I even included this Poison Ivy palette in the last Roundup. The font is basic with pretty ivy drawn on the packaging. So why the shade? Unless my eyes deceive me, the ONLY similarity between the two palettes is the green color story and the name. The Milan Rowe palette is earthy with green being the focus while Chixxie threw in two shades that I think complement the poison ivy theme pretty well. 

Doodles posted a reel on Instagram about “being imitated”, this time showing her working on the iPad and how her vision came to life. The caption reads “Others can try and imitate but they can never replicate just how good this palette turned out!”. Chile, so anyways…

Yes, Doodles is very talented and creative but similar to some huge beauty bloggers whom I will not name, she has changed from the humble visionary to somewhat of a mean girl. She had an amazing year despite the setback with being ripped off but to ignore when big brands create similar products and go after indie brands triggers me. Let’s keep the same energy regardless of how big or small the brand is or how much attention you get, shall we?

It sucks to have someone rip off your hard work but if you go looking for the “imitations”, you’ll find it. I don’t think Chixxie Beauty did anything wrong and those palettes LOOK NOTHING ALIKE! It takes months to design and manufacture makeup so there’s no way Chixxie looked at her drawing and whipped up their Poison Ivy palette in two months unless they called in a huge favor. Doodles definitely reached in this situation. I’ve covered dupes many times on here but the battle of Poison Ivys is quite stupid.

What do you think of this drama? Comment below and be sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (links below!) so you don’t miss a single post. 

Photo Credits (Don’t want her shading me!!)

Milan Rowe’s Instagram for Poison Ivy

Chixxie Beauty’s Instagram pic for Poison Ivy

Makeupreleaseradar’s Instagram

DoodlesByTheBunny’s Instagram

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