Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 17-24, 2021

Pinklipps Cosmetics finally dropped a skincare collection and fans are excited. The Skin Is In collection is composed of 4 products with natural, skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin C. Power Toner ($15), Pure Skin Scrub ($17), Super Cleanser ($14), and Rich Creme ($14). You can get the revitalizing collection on Pinklipps’ website.

Aisuri Beauty blessed the holidays with the ethereal Divine Priestess Kokomi eyeshadow palette. The palette is inspired by Genshin Impact’s Kokomi and features 12 dreamy shades. Divine Priestess Kokomi is $25.99 on Aisuri’s site.

Colourpop gave glitz and glam this week with the Stay Jewel collection. These six palettes are named after gemstones and have corresponding color stories: Really Ruby, Citrine You and Me, All That Topaz, An Emerald Away, Set On Sapphire, and Gotta Agate. Each palette is $6 or you can get the bundle for $54 online.

Volashes added to its Coloured Lashes collection with four pairs of Highlight lashes. The four lash styles have a stripe of color towards the outer and middle parts of the lash. Koral, Bubblegum, Iris, and Blue Fire are $7.99 each on Volashes’ site.

Dede Signature took the neutral route with the gorgeous The Neutral Wonder eyeshadow palette. 12 glamorous shades perfect for the upcoming holidays, Neutral Wonder is $23 online.

Prettylit Beauty put a twist on falsies this week with Russian volume lashes. There are four lash styles: Fantasy, Pillow Talk, Angel Eyes, and Lust. Each style is $16 on Prettylit’s website.

Coloured Raine created a luscious garden for the beautiful Botanical Collection. This expansive collection features 2 Lip Liners (Decadent and Queen Tingz; $10 each), 2 Satin Lipsticks (Lotus and Sugar Rose; $10 each), Clear Lip Gloss ($10), 2 Mini liquid lipsticks (Mauve Rose and Peach Rose; $10 each), 2 Cream Blushes (Copper Rose and Stiletto Rose; $12 each), and 2 eyeshadow palettes (Rose Garden and Botanical; $16 each). There are three bundles as well; Lip Bundle ($65), Eyeshadow Bundle ($25), and the full collection ($100). The Botanical Collection is up for grabs on Coloured Raine’s site.

Kara Beauty kicked off Capricorn season with the third palette in its zodiac collection. The Capricorn palette ($16.99) is the prettiest so far with blue packaging and wintry colors. Plus the brand launched 3 Puff Puff Fabulash packs ($16.99) to complete the look with some dramatic launches. All products are available on Kara Beauty’s website.

Yva Expressions gave the holidays a dark twist with the sultry Alt 2 palette. This smokey palette presents 9 shades and the artwork is stunning. Alt 2 is $21.99 online.

BYO Desire came back with the Contour Charm Palettes, one for lighter complexions and one for darker complexions, with four shades per palette. Each palette is $38 on BYO’s site.

Third week of the month down! Which launch is your favorite? Comment below and be sure to follow the blog and my social media pages with the links below so you don’t miss a single Roundup, swatch, and review.

Photo Credits:

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