Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 9-16, 2021

Colourpop finally delivered what fans had been asking for, an all matte palette. The Gone Matte palette is 30 shades of cool neutral shades and perfect for natural glam lovers. You can get the palette for $34 on Colourpop’s site.

Pink Euphoria Cosmetics released four new lash styles during its restock. The dreamy styles are Lucid Dreams, Recurring Dreams, and Nightmares. Each style is $7.99 on Pink Euphoria’s website.

Glamlite gave us the ultimate winter treat in its delectable collaboration with Icee. The Glamlite x Icee collection features the Icee Raspberry and Icee Blue Raspberry eyeshadow palettes ($25 each), and the 3-piece Lip Set ($28). You can also get the full collection ($69) or the PR set ($79). Glamlite x Icee is available now online.

11th Wish continued sprucing up skincare routines with two new products. The Deep Wish Cleansing Foam hydrates and brightens skin while removing skin impurities. This cleanser is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types, costing $10. The other product, the Peel & Feel Peeling Gel ($10), exfoliates and smoothes skin, leaving a bright complexion. Both products are up for grabs on 11th Wish’s site.

Pinklipps Cosmetics added 12 shades to the electrifying Everlasting Matte Liquid Lipstick collection. The twelve sultry shades are: Hot Mama, Natural Girl, Bomb AF, Cherry Bomb, Pumpkin Spice, Rich Red, Love Her, Don, Self Starter, Mood, Red Head, and Raya. Each shade is $12 on Pinklipps’ website.

Dede Signature gave a spin on the classic holiday season drink, Pumpkin Spice Latte, with a beautiful quad palette. The four shades are simply mesmerizing and you can score the palette for $15.99 online.

Kara Beauty said flutter your lashes on your haters with the badass Hellalashes collection. These faux mink lashes are available in 12 styles, guaranteeing all the sass and drama you could want to finish your look. Each lash style is $15.99 on Kara Beauty’s site.

Ccolor Cosmetics sent nudes with the Nude Matte Liquid lipstick set. This glam trio is only $6 online.

Wicked Widow Beauty hyped up the winter season with the iconic Scissorhands collection. Inspired by the 1990 movie Edward Scissorhands, this collection features the chic Scissorhands palette ($42), 6 Crystal Ice lipglosses ($12 each), Shear Frost Highlighter ($15), and 2 Scissorhands Lash styles ($13 each). The Scissorhands collection can be found on Wicked Widow’s website.

Some of these collections have me reaching for my wallet. Which launch is calling your name? Tell me your favorite product in the comments and be sure to click the follow button in the sidebar or below the comments so you don’t miss a single Roundup. Also make sure to follow me on social media (links are below).

Photo Credits:

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Wicked Widow Beauty (Instagram)

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