Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 1-8, 2021

Withlove Cosmetics slayed the holiday season with several cheery products. The brand first debuted the absolutely gorgeous Pink Dreams eyeshadow palette ($41), 25 shades in cloud-shaped pans. Then two new Pressed Glitter shades, Mint and Gunmetal, joined the fam, each shade retailing $11. Pink Dreams and the two new glitters are available on Withlove’s website.

Lobos Glam Boutique is known for gorgeous lashes and curated a limited-edition lash kit. The Glitz & Glam Holiday collection contains 3 limited-edition lash styles in a pretty pink glitter box. You can get your holidays lashes on Lobos Glam’s site for $35.

11th Wish quickly added to its growing line of skincare products, launching the Slick & Clean Oil Cleanser. Perfect for dry skin, this cleanser deeply cleanses the skin and is gentle on the skin. Add Slick & Clean to your skincare routine for $10 online.

Metamorphosis Bf helped eyebrows stay on fleek with the cute Koala Brow Pomade. Five shades to suit most eyebrow colors, the brow pomade is creamy and pigmented. The Koala Brow Pomade is $9.99 on Metamorphosis’ website.

Beauty Creations added the long-awaited Tiana palette to the Princess collection. Tiana features 35 shades reminiscent of the colorful setting in the movie and of course the gorgeous greens associated with Disney’s first black princess. Tiana is $19 (PR Box is $24) on Beauty Creations’ site.

Lurella Cosmetics’ latest eyeshadow palette, available in the subscription box and by itself at the end of this month, is also Christmas-themed. Let’s Be Jolly is 15 shades of unusual seasonal shades but it’s a cute color story. You can find the palette in the subscription box ($39.99 monthly) or wait to get just the palette for $18 later this month online.

Juvia’s Place completed the Olori (Queen) collection featured last week with two more palettes, Olori 2 (blue and silver) and Olori 3 (desert theme). The regal palettes are $15 each on Juvia’s Place website.

Time Los Angeles added six suave shades to its Luxe Lustre Lip Gloss collection. The newbies are Scene Queen, The One, Glaze, Noodie, Flan, and Cuddle. Each shade is $16 or you can get the bundle of all six for $60 on Time LA’s site.

LA Girl Cosmetics sparkled this week with the release of the magnetic Dream Glitter Iridescent Liquid Eyeshadows. 8 fantastic shades with a beautiful iridescent shimmer finish and shifts colors. You can pick your shade (or shades) online for $7 each.

Sugary Cosmetics finished off its holiday collection with the Candy Cane glossy lipsticks ($12 each). Created to complement the beautiful Holiday Lollipop palette, the two lipsticks, Naughty and Nice, are available now on Sugary’s site.

Lil Loca spread some cheer with two new products. First, two new matte lipstick shades dropped. Boss Up (soft peach) and Mauve Beauty (mauve) are $12 and long-lasting. Following the lipsticks came the long-awaited Shimmer & Shine highlighters. There are 5 shades, suitable for each skin tone, and each costs $11.50. Both products are on Lil Loca’s website.

Yinabelle Cosmetics took inspiration from the wildly popular Korean show Squid Games and turned it into a collection. This cute collection features a Waterproof Eyeliner ($13), the 9-pan Game On palette ($23), and 4 lipglosses ($11.50 each) inspired by one of the actresses HoYeon Jung. The collection is sold on Yinabelle’s site.

Estate Makeup gave its own interpretation of the holidays through the unique Resort eyeshadow palette. The 12 warm shades are fun and offer a pleasant change to the usual red, green, white, and gold typically associated with Christmas. Resort is $32 online.

Kara Beauty gave lips some color with the gorgeous Love U Berry Much lip set. There are 6 fuchsia and plum-colored lippies; 2 matte lipsticks, 3 glosses, and 1 glitter gloss. This lip set is a great stocking stuffer and retails for $22.99 online.

Nyx Cosmetics kept lips looking scrumptious with the This Is Juice Gloss collection, 8 yummy shades of hydrating and tinting glosses (plus they’re scented!). Each gloss is $8 on Nyx’s website.

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