Lash Brands To Add To Your Collection ASAP

False lashes take beautiful makeup looks and give them that extra oomph. I used to hate the idea of putting of falsies until I tried my first pair. After seeing how my eyes and the makeup look turned out, I became a lash addict. We know that there are so many brands that offer lashes but these, in my humble opinion, are the cream of the crop.

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Dyosa Cosmetics

Launched earlier this year, Dyosa seeks to empower women and celebrate “their inner goddess through makeup”. The lashes range from natural-looking to flirty to dramatic af with prices reflecting that; $8 or $10 for natural, $12 for voluminous flirty styles, and $16 for long and dramatic. There are also lash bundles if you can’t pick just one style.

Top picks: So Lucky and She’s A Natural

Pink Euphoria Cosmetics

It’s said in the name. Pink Euphoria. This brand’s lash packaging transports you into the clouds and you can get lost in the magic of makeup. These faux mink lashes have been featured on Indie Clique before and are available in 10 more natural and wispy styles, retailing for $7.99 each.

Top picks: Lucid Dreams and Sweet Dreams

Bella Jay Lashes

The one pit stop for all your lash needs. Literally, Bella Jay offers 38 pairs of lashes so you’re guaranteed to find at least two that fit your style. Drama is the main theme so prepare to be the talk of wherever you go. Bonus: the lashes cost between $8 and $12. 

Top picks: Celia and Valerie


Volashes said we’ll give lashes but with a bit of spice. Numerous lash collections from colored lashes to bottom lashes to different categories (natural, silk, dramatic), this brand is not messing around. The quality is top-notch and lashes start as low as $4.99 and the most expensive is $16.

Top picks: Poise (Festival collection) and Bo$$ (silk collection)

Serpent Beauty

The first set of lashes I ever wore came from this Latina-owned brand and I’ve spoken about Serpent Beauty on several occasions. These lashes are named after Greek goddesses and make you feel glamorous once they are on. The lashes are comfortable and helps you prepare to slay with two types of lashes; synthetic lashes (natural) and faux mink lashes (flirty and drama). The faux minks are $15 and synthetics are $10 and $12. You can use my code *indieclique* to save 10%.

Top picks: Aura (synthetic) and Circe (faux mink)

Bella Vida Lashes

Another brand that I keep coming back to. Bella Vida launched earlier this year and just gives off such a chic vibe and the four lash styles are perfect for framing your eyes and perfecting eye makeup. Boho-Soul, Babygirl, Bella, and Bossy are $9.99 each.

Top picks: Boho-Soul and Bella

Lobos Glam Boutique

Founded by Ashley Beatriz, Lobos Glam’s lashes accentuate the eyes and frame them perfectly. New styles are dropped regularly and you always end up purchasing several pairs at once because of the quality. Nab a pair for only $10 and watch your eyes transform.

Top picks: Spicy Mami and Chula

Be Fierce Cosmetics

Talk about a brand that knows how to curate a collection. Every single collection Be Fierce releases fits an aesthetic; i.e Hot Mom Summer’s natural lashes and the Selena collection’s diva-esque collection. The lashes range from $5 to $12.

Top picks: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and Girl’s Night

Mamacita Cosmetics

A brand that’s been featured on this blog since it launched, Mamacita Cosmetics’ lashes have gotten better and better in the two years the brand has operated. The lash books and sets are some of the better ones in the indie scene and the lashes are very comfortable. Individual lash pairs are $10 or $12 while lash sets depend on the number of pairs; my favorite set is the Pretty Girl lash pack is $15 for 3 pairs.

Top picks: Sweetheart and Sassy

I think every beauty enthusiast should try falsies at least once and if you don’t like them, don’t wear them. But most people quickly get used to them and lashes become a staple in their collection. In the comments, let me know which brands you’ve heard of/tried and what you think of false lashes in general. Also, be sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (all links are below).

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