Gift Guide: Black Friday 2021

It’s that time of year where you search for the best deals on makeup for the makeup lover in your life. I’m here to break down the hottest sales from poppin indie brands to add to your collection ASAP. 

Kara Beauty: 35% off sitewide (no code needed)

Private Society Cosmetics: 50% off sitewide (no code needed)

Glamlite: 40% off sitewide (code BLACKFRIDAY)

Lurella Cosmetics: 30% off sitewide (code BLACKFRIDAY21)

Belle Ame Cosmetics: % Off by 4-hour time increments (code TICK TOCK)

(8am 50% off,12pm 40%, 4pm 30%, 8pm 20%)

Serpent Beauty: 30% off sitewide (no code)

Gatita Gang: Up to 70% sitewide (no code)

Pinklipps Cosmetics: 30% off everything (no code)

Hex Baby Beauty: 15% off (no code)

Lobos Glam Boutique: 50% off sitewide (code BLACKFRIDAY21)  

Gourmande Girls Cosmetics: 20% off all orders (no code)

Lois Cosmetics: Up to 50% off sitewide (no code)

Shades By Shan: Up to 60% off (no code)

Neema Beauty: 40% off sitewide (no code)

Lip Bully: Up to 60% off (no code)

Shy Bear Cosmetics: 50% off everything (no code)

AMF Lipsticks: 40% off slim lipsticks (no code)

Rude Cosmetics: 50% off sitewide (code BF2021)

Metamorphosis Bf: up to 75% off (no code)

Withlove Cosmetics: up to 55% off (no code)

Red Rose Lashes: 35% off sitewide (no code)

Dede Signature: up to 65% off (no code)

Autumn Leaf Beauty: Buy one palette, get another 50% off; Lipglosses 30% off; Lashes 30% off, Lip Liners 30% off

Winklerry Beauty: up to 50% off (no code)

Pacifica Beauty: 30% off sitewide (no code)

Dominique Cosmetics: up to 50% off (no code)

Kristen Leigh Cosmetics: up to 50% off everything (no code)

Moira Beauty: up to 60% off (no code)

Ccolor Cosmetics: Buy One, Get One free (no code)

Melody Love Cosmetics: 45% off sitewide (no code)

Prolux Cosmetics: 40% off sitewide (no code)

Mellow Cosmetics: 50% off everything (code BF50)

Toffee Cosmetics: 25% off sitewide (no code)

Posh Culture: 30% off sitewide

Flawless Cosmetics: 40% off sitewide (code TAKE40)

Playing In Makeup By Yolondo: 40% off sitewide (code POWER)

Darling Doll Cosmetics: 25% off on orders over $35 (code BLACKFRIDAY)

Yva Expressions: Lip Glosses (Buy One Get One 50% off); up to 20% off palettes

Mamacita Cosmetics: 40% off sitewide (no code)

Zodiac Cosmetics:

Hipdot: 50% off sitewide (code GET50)

Meera Beauty: 25% off sitewide (code BFWEEKEND)

Take advantage of these great deals while you can and let me know what you got in the comments. Make sure to follow me here and on social media (all links are below) for more sales, product launches, and more indie beauty content.

*All sale pictures below to their respective brands*

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