Cosmetic Launch Roundup: November 1-8, 2021

Hex Baby Beauty is the brand that keeps on giving, this week it added to the Multichrome family. The Spooky Island palette ($28) still draws off Halloween vibes and features 16 bold colors. Then the Multichrome Flakes ($9 each or $80 bundled) debuted, 8 shades and the Mixing Potion Medium ($10) helps the flakes stick to the skin if the medium is applied before but if you mix the flakes and medium, the flakes turn into a sort of eyeshadow. Both products are available on Hex Baby’s site and you can now use my affiliate code “ajmonique” to save 10% on your orders.

Makeup Maniacs Cosmetics dropped its holiday palette with a classic color story. Holiday Bliss has 6 shades and looks like a great stocking stuffer. You can get the palette on Makeup Maniac’s website.

Shop Mezurashii gave eyeshadow palettes a goth change from what we’ve seen lately. The 9-pan Bloodlust palette is a sultry and dark palette with purples and reds to express your inner dark side. Bloodlust is $19.99 online.

Menagerie Cosmetics finally dropped highlighters. The Polar Lights Highlighters come in 2 shades, Winter Solstice (reflects green, gold, and blue) and Aurora Australis (reflects red and gold). You can pick your shade on Menagerie’s site for $15.

BH Cosmetics released its latest Birthstone palette, November’s beautiful Citrine. You can add Citrine to your birthstone collection for $9 online.

Moira Beauty added four new palettes to the Essential Series but with a Fall twist. Spiced Delights (pumpkin theme), I’m All Yours (berry theme), Among The Stars (pecan theme), and Desert Moonlight are $14 each on Moira’s site.

Sheglam released a stunning collection called Chroma. The multichrome collection features 2 eyeshadow palettes (Velocity and Time Warp; $13 each), 3 liquid multichrome eyeshadows (Fool’s Gold, Opal Essence, Aquanova; $5.50 each), 3 gel eyeliners (Zenith, Vertigo, Subliminal; $3.50 each), 1 highlighter ($6.50), and 2 nail polishes ($3.50 each) plus a full collection bundle ($59.50). Chroma is available online.

November’s first week kicked off with a bang and these were decent launches. Which product was your favorite? Sound off in the comments and make sure to follow Indie Clique here and on social media (all links below) so you don’t miss a single Roundup, review, or swatch.

Photo Credits:

Hex Baby Beauty (Instagram)

Makeup Maniacs Cosmetics (Instagram)

Shop Mezurashii (Instagram)

Menagerie Cosmetics (Instagram)

BH Cosmetics (Instagram)

Moira Beauty (Instagram)

Sheglam (Instagram)

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