Cosmetic Launch Roundup: September 9-16, 2021

Hipdot combined the American tradition of game night with makeup and it is enthralling! Hipdot x Game Night collection is a collab with Hasbro and features three eyeshadow palettes: Monopoly Money Moves ($30), Ouija ($26), and Play-Doh Super Color ($26). There is also the full collection bundle ($74) and everything is available on Hipdot’s site.

Colourpop introduced a new lip formula to the CP Fam. The Fresh Kiss Lip Cremes come in 12 shades, from flirty nudes to sultry reds. Each shade is $8 and the entire collection is $85. You can pick your favorite lip cremes online.

Shop Mango Matcha had a palette fever dream, releasing a slew of eyeshadow and cheek palettes. First up was the Hoekage eyeshadow palette ($25), inspired by the fall season and features the brand’s original character. The Princess Chef eyeshadow palette ($25) followed, its theme being inspired by different foods. Then the brand’s first contour palette, Fox’s Wedding Contour palette ($25) was teased, its six shades keeping complexions snatched. Lastly were two cheek palettes, Lovesick Cheek and Cherry Dreams Cheek, $16 each. All of these palettes are sold on Mango Matcha’s site.

Flawless Cosmetics added four new shades to its Liquid Luxe matte lipsticks. Take A Bite, Honeymoon, Prom Night, and Queen are $15.99 each on Flawless’ website.

W7 Cosmetics gave autumn a chill welcome with two eyeshadow palettes, Royal Attraction and Metropolitan. Both palettes have 8 shades (5 mattes, 3 shimmers) and have subtle differences; Royal Attraction is warm neutrals while Metropolitan is cool neutrals. Pick your palette for $9.50 online.

Beats By Deb Cosmetics brought us two palettes to say bye summer and hello fall. Colors For Dayz ($35.99) is a 20-pan rainbow palette capturing the warmth of summer. On the other hand, In The Buff ($35.99) is 20 shades of neutral tones perfect for fall glam. Both palettes are up for grabs on Beats’ website.

Press Play Beauty is all about anime and gaming so they showed out with four gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and a blush collection. Zombie Slayers ($20) is inspired by the Resident Evil franchise and contains 12 shades. Reaper, Heroes Never Die, and Asteroid Blues have nine shades and retail for $16.99 each. The Neko Blush collection features three shades, $6.99 each. Everything is available on Press Play’s site.

Gatita Gang celebrated its first birthday with the cute and playful Cielito Lindo palette. This 9-pan is a burst of color and retails for only $16 online.

Estate Makeup served up nature glam in the form of two palettes, Mystic Forest and Hidden Garden. These 9-pan palettes contain earthy tones with a pop of color to inspire your best fall looks. Each palette is $30 or bundled for $45 online.

Makeup Geek’s fall palette is here and the 9-pan palette is a pretty addition to the palette lineup. Fall Scenes has all the shades associated with fall (reds, yellows, greens) and retails for $38 on Makeup Geek’s website.

Playing In Makeup By Yolondo finally launched its Infinity eyeshadow collection. There are 14 palettes in the collection, with five shades each, and meant to help beginners with color theory. Each palette is $18 online.

Darling Doll Cosmetics paid tribute to one of the biggest anime in the world, Sailor Moon. The Magical Darlings collection features the 18-pan eyeshadow palette ($43), 4 pairs of lashes ($15 each), 3 lip gloss keychains ($9 each), 3 Charm Lip Gloss ($9 each), 2 Love Spell blushes ($19 each). The Magical Darlings collection is available on Darling Doll’s site.

Sugary Cosmetics is known for cute makeup collections and the Sugary Soda Palette collection is one of the best yet. This collection is a farewell to summer with 5 different flavors/themed palettes: Original, Strawberry, Orange, Grape, and Lemon-Lime. Each palette is $12 and there are several bundle options; the entire collection without the vault is $55, with the vault is $57, and the PR box is $63. Grab the Sugary Soda collection online.

Jcat Beauty kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with two colorful eyeshadow palettes. Viva La Musical is a subdued jewel-toned palette while Viva La Fiesta is burst of vivid color. Pick your palette for $14.99 on Jcat’s website.

Midas Cosmetics embraced fall by giving us a stunning eyeshadow palette in collaboration with professional MUA Armando Kole. The Served Soft palette has 12 sultry neutral shades and retails for $34 on Midas’ site.

Beauty Creations went back to the 90s and brought back roller lip glosses. The Take Me Back Roller Gloss collection features six scrumptious shades (watermelon, blueberry, strawberry, green apple, cherry, and peach). Each shade is $3 and the PR collection is $20 on BC’s site.

Kaima Cosmetics created another mesmerizing pressed eyeshadow. Dream Catcher is a blend of gold and bronze and costs $12 online.

Ace Beaute’s Falling For You palette combines the colors we associate with fall with fall foods and scents for the 12 shade names. Falling For You is $34.99 on Ace Beaute’s website.

Shy Bear Cosmetics brought early Halloween vibes with the 12-pan Sinful Succubus palette. Inspired by the cult classic Jennifer’s Body, this palette is $26 online.

Flower Beauty gave the season some glamorous golds and plums in the Forbidden Fruit eyeshadow palette. The limited-edition palette contains 10 shades and is only $15 on Flower’s site.

Profusion dropped several new Artistry palettes after successful collections over the past two months. Meadow, Pastel, and Euphoria have 10 shades and cost $5 each. Moonstone and Marigold have 42 shades and cost $13 each. All 5 palettes are sold in Walmart stores and on Profusion’s site.

Moira Beauty kept lips looking snatched with the Signature Lip Liners. There are twelve shades, $5 or bundled for $42, on Moira’s site.

Resilient Girl Beauty launched its first ever eyeshadow palette. The RGB palette is a pretty palette with 21 shades that mix fall and spring colors. You can grab the palette online for $30.

Jean-Luc Cosmetics released its second collection and it is, in fact, Everything. The Everything collection features the brand’s first eyeshadow palette ($30), and four liquid lipsticks (Opulence, Muffin Top, Fruity, and Nudie; $16 each)l there is a bundle option for $76 and everything is up for grabs online.

Neema Beauty International dropped Mini Lipstick Sets of its popular liquid lipstick collection. There are two sets; Nude Magic 1 is slightly more colorful with a purple and a pink shade tossed in with two nudes while Nude Magic 2 has 3 nudes and a bold red shade. Both sets retail for $16 each on Neema’s website.

Kristen Leigh Cosmetics came through and slayed with the added shades of the  Multichrome Glitter Gel collection. The new gels are: Confetti (red, gold, orange, pink, and magenta/red shifts), Utopia (iridescent rainbow shift), and Amphibious (copper, gold, green, teal, and blue shifts). Each shade is $20.99 on KLC’s site.

Glitterbang Cosmetics added to its Aqua Liner collection but in a new formula. The Glitter Aqua Liners are available in 7 shades: Seaside Shimmer, Blue Lagoon, Aquamarine Dreams, Discotheque, Unicorn Blood, Make Them Wink, and Sour Candy. Each liner is $8.31USD on Glitterbang’s site.

Amor Us revamped matte foundations with the Beyond Matte Foundation line. 12 shades ($9 each) are full coverage without leaving your face feeling heavy. Pick your shade online.

Barry M kept lips hydrated and snatched with the Glazed Lip Glosses. These three shades (So Intriguing, So Tempting, and So Precious) are infused with plum oil and almond oil for all day hydration. Each gloss is $6.83USD on Barry M’s site.

This has been one of the longest Roundups in awhile  and I know you have to have a favorite launch (or two). Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique for more launches, reviews, swatches, and more. You can also find me on social media (links down below).

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