Cosmetic Launch Roundup: May 17-24, 2021

Mamacita Cosmetics gave us gorgeous spring shades this week in five new matte liquid lipsticks. Blossom, Cherry, Fuego, Caramel, and Espresso are $12 each on Mamacita’s site.

Amor Us served spring aesthetic (and snacks!) with two new eyeshadow palettes. Tea Time Fantasy contains 32 piping hot neutral tones with pops of orange and reds. Macaron Magic is an ethereal color story filled with yellows, purples, and more spring colors. Each palette is $15 while the bundle, Tea Room Delights, is $28 online.

Locas Chingonas added 9 more shades to the Me & You matte lipstick collection. The Whispers, Only You, Nobody’s Clown, Game of Love, Tears On My Pillow, Have You Seen Her, Come Home Soon, The Sacred Souls, and Fooled Me Twice are available for $11.69 each on Locas’ website

Hex Baby Beauty is all about spooky things so it makes sense that it dropped Ghostface beauty blenders. Literally featuring the iconic Scream villain’s appearance, the makeup sponge costs $5 on Hex Baby Beauty’s site.

BAL Cosmetics finally released its magnetic false lashes. The Laws of Attraction collection includes 10 lash styles in holographic packaging. Each style is $10 online.

Makeup Geek encouraged a bright change to our makeup routine with its Skin Brilliance Facial Elixir. This face primer illuminates skin and helps blur imperfections. You can find the elixir on Makeup Geek’s site for $18.

Coley Cosmetics felt sassy and bold with its Sissy Slick lipgloss and lip liner collection. There are 5 lip glosses ($7 each/$32 bundle; Kate, Elaina, Kristi, Coley, and Jessica) and 5 lip liners ($8 each/$42 bundle; Rose, Stone, Nude, Berry, and Mocha). Pick your fave shades online.

Morphe put soft feminine vibes and a beautiful color story into its 18H Sweet On Hue palette. 18 dreamy and flirty shades, all for $20 on Morphe’s site and in Morphe stores.

Lucky Lashes’ new eyeshadow palette is grungy, perfect for laidback makeup lovers. The Glam Now Smoke Later 2.0 palette is inspired by 4/20 and features 16 shades. GNSL is available for $28 online.

Glamlite finally finished baking a new treat and it’s the scrumptious Red Velvet Cupcake palette. With 12 yummy shades and pink/red color story, this is one dessert you really can’t resist. The Red Velvet Cupcake palette retails for $25 on Glamlite’s website.

Beautx Biscous upgraded its first palette. The Prima Donna features 15 new shades and new artwork/packaging. You can get the improved palette for $35 on Beautx Biscous’ site.

Midas Cosmetics collaborated with longtime supporter and influencer, Biyonca (thebasicb) on the dazzling Perception eyeshadow palette. This space-inspired palette features 20 mesmerizing shades and costs $39 on Midas’ site.

Hipdot now has the perfect mascara to complement its gorgeous palettes. The HD Thick and Thin mascara is dual-ended, perfect for curling both upper and lower lashes. Get this nifty mascara online for $10.

Ccolor Cosmetics is back with two more dupes! First up is the Galaxy palette, its 18 crisp neutral shades a dupe of the Mercury Retrograde palette from Huda Beauty. The second new palette, Purple Rain, is a clear dupe of the Jeffrey Star Cosmetics’ Bloodlust palette. Galaxy and Purple Rain are $10 each Ccolor’s site.

Moira Beauty felt cute and sweet, giving us the Sweet Series. This eyeshadow collection features 4 palettes: Make It Sweet (Candy-inspired), Always On My Mind (cookie-inspired), All That Is You (cupcake/muffin inspired), and Sweet Delights (macaron inspired). Each palette is $18 and the bundle is $72 on Moira’s website.

All these new eyeshadow palettes and the few lipsticks this week! What do you think of the new products? Comment your favorites below and click that follow button so you don’t miss any posts from Indie Clique. You can also find me on social media (links below).

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    Haha those blender’s are awesome ! I think I need them in my life .


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