Cosmetic Launch Roundup: May 9-16, 2021

Morphe released a second collab with Coca Cola, this time inspired by the 1970’s. The new Coca Cola x Morphe The Unity collection features the Together Artistry eyeshadow palette ($22), In Harmony Mini Lip gloss set (4 shades, $19), 1971 edition Make It Big mascara ($12), and Peace brush set + bag ($26). Every product is available on Morphe’s site and in Morphe stores.

Metamorphosis Bf’s new collection is inspired by hippos, particularly the one they call Madame Growl. The Madame Growl collection features a 9-pan eyeshadow palette ($15.99) and an eyeliner ($9.99). There is also a bundle option for $22.99. You can grab the adorable collection online

Hipdot dropped another collab but this time with one of the best teen movies of all time, Clueless. The limited edition Hipdot x Clueless includes The 411 eyeshadow palette ($32), Total Betty’s lip set ($24), Totally Clueless blush palette ($26), and Pen set ($28). There is also a full bundle collection for $108 featuring packaging resembling Cher’s locker. Stop “totally buggin” and grab the collection on Hipdot’s website.

Prolux Cosmetics was feeling sweet with the Sweet Scoops palette. This palette contains 20 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers, and 2 highlighters. Sweet Scoops is $19.99 on Prolux’s site.

Bal Cosmetics has had an explosively good first year in business and celebrated with the Fruits Of Our Labor collection. Five scrumptious eyeshadow palettes (Silver Moon, Peaches, Hawaiian Blueberry, Oranges, and Apples) are available on BAL’s site for only $22 each. 

Meera Beauty is delightfully sinful with its second collection, House of Avarice. There are three bold eyeshadow palettes, each named after a deadly sin. Lust ($21) is a luscious pink and purple-theme, Greed ($21) is all greens and blue, and Envy ($12) is a 4-pan all glitter palette. There is also a bundle option for $49. Enter the House of Avarice on Meera Beauty’s site.

Colourpop finally dropped the collab fans had been waiting for. The sunny Colourpop x Malibu Barbie features the Malibu Barbie palette ($25), Beach Party super shock highlighter ($12), 3 Lip Duos ($12 each; Golden Beach, Dreamhouse, Malibu Sunset), Doll Lashes faux false lashes ($9), and the full collection is $99. Delve back into childhood with this collection, up for grabs online.

Kara Beauty got all metallic this week with two new PRO palettes. The Goddess Nem palette is all cool silver tones while Cleo Queen is regal gold shades. Both palettes are available on Kara Beauty’s site for $26 each.

BH Cosmetics emboldened makeup addicts everywhere find their voice with the Say It! collection. The outspoken collection features six 9-pan eyeshadow palettes ($15 each; Let That Sh!t Go, Do Not Disturb, Optimistic AF, F*** Off, Looking Like A Snack, and Lowkey Love You), Say It shimmer lip glosses (6 shades, $9 each), and a 6-piece brush set ($19). Express yourself with this collection, now online.

Makeup Revolution gave us face and body with the Body Veil Face & Body foundation. A mix of a lotion texture with foundation coverage, this product comes in 15 shades, each retailing for $18 on MUR’s website.

Kash Beauty was about that base with the stunning Luxury Sculpt Collection. This 9 piece collection contains three blush sticks, three highlight, and three bronzers, making your face defined and radiant. Each piece is $23.10 USD or you can customize your own set for $67 or just get them all for $158.44 online.

Peachy Queen Cosmetics continued its State series two new eyeshadow palettes. California Love is inspired by the golden state, with all of its shades named after different cities in California. Mile High Colorado is 24 shades of rugged Charm, similar to its namesake state. Each palette retails for $42.99 on Peachy Queen’s site.

All of the launches this week have hit my wishlist. Which products are you eyeing? Sound off in the comments and make sure you’re following Indie Clique for more beauty content. You can also find me on social media (all links are below or in the sidebar).

Photo Credits:

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Makeup Revolution (Twitter)

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