Recent Finds: Hex Baby Beauty

There’s a new indie brand in town, aimed at those who love the spooky and gothic aesthetic. Hex Baby Beauty is the second makeup brand from swatch artist/blogger Ember Xtelle. The brand launched on May 1st with a couple products with the promise of more to come in the following months.

The current lineup of products are: 10 pairs of lashes $7.99 each (Marisa, Ember, Misa, Venus, Alexa, Jade, Trinity, Tiffany, Lydia, Luna), the Kawaii lash adhesive eyeliner $9.99, High Priestess blush and highlight palette $22, and 20 Lucid Liner water-activated liners $6.66 each or bundled for $100.

What are your thoughts about Hex Baby Beauty and the products? Sound off in the comments and be sure to check them out on Instagram and the website. Make sure you are following Indie Clique for more indie brands, reviews, launches, and more. You can also follow me on social media (linked below). 

*Update December 4; I am now an affiliate with Hex Baby Beauty! You can use my code “ajmonique” to save on any orders*

*Photos belong to Hex Baby Beauty*

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