Dupe It Up: Alter Ego (Updated)

The previous edition of Alter Ego’s dupe list was done back in July 2020 when the brand only had 5 palettes. Alter Ego has expanded so it’s time to figure out what other products they’ve duped. 

*Products are from newest to oldest*

Alter Ego                                          High-End

Luster Charm $22Pat McGrath Mothership VIII: Divine Rose $125
Canyon $16Natasha Denona Bronze $65
Blooms $16Natasha Denona Love $65
Artemis $22Natasha Denona Metropolis $129
Goddess $16Natasha Denona Gold $129
Aurora $16 Natasha Denona Sunrise $65
Daydream $18Huda Beauty New Nude $65
Sahara $16Natasha Denona Biba $129
Temptress $16Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry $45

Luster Charm vs Divine Rose ($103 difference)

Canyon vs Bronze ($49 difference)

Blooms vs Love ($49 difference)

Artemis vs Metropolis ($107 difference)

Goddess vs Gold ($113 difference)

Aurora vs Sunrise ($49 difference)

Daydream vs New Nude ($47 difference)

Sahara vs Biba ($113 difference)

Temptress vs Sultry ($29 difference)

I think that Alter Ego makes some of the better dupes on the market and, moral issues aside, I have no issue trying these palettes. Do you have a favorite Alter Ego dupe? Sound off in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique via social media and by the follow button (links below).

Photo Credits:

Alter Ego (Instagram)

Pat McGrath (website)

Huda Beauty (website)

Anastasia Beverly Hills (Beautylish website)

Natasha Denona (website + Instagram)

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