Cosmetic Launch Roundup: April 1-8, 2021

April showers brought indie flowers as seen by the slew of products we were gifted this week. Collections reigned supreme but the standalone products demanded attention too. Shall we?

Emme Cosmetics casted a spell with the mesmerizing Multichrome Magic collection. These pigments are available in 4 shades: Make A Wish (green to purple), Turning Leaf (red to green), Niagara (teal to blue), and Butterfly Kisses (purple to gold). Each pigment is $15.92 on Emme’s site.

Nyx Cosmetics gave us the ultimate gaming throwback with the Tetris collection. The puzzle game’s beauty debut features the Tetris Jumbo Shadow Palette ($45), 2 Lip kits (Angel Food Cake/Praline and Butter lipgloss/Slim lip pencils; $8 each), and the Epic Liner set (5 liners, $30). The Tetris collection is sold on Nyx’s site and at Ulta stores.

Morphe also went down the nostalgic route, giving us around 2 of its Lisa Frank collab. This round introduced two Lip Crayon Trios, Paint It Playful and Paint It Neutral. Playful has purple and red shades while Neutral is all matte nude shades. Pick your set for $22 online.

Give Me Glow Cosmetics got a lot of rain to produce 17 new single eyeshadow shades. Each shadow retailing for $7, the newbies are: Toxic (matte dark neon purple), West Coast (matte deep coral), Spiked Punch (matte peach), Peach Glaze (foil peach), Baby Peach (matte milky peach), Cherry Mocha (matte brown), Ballerina (foil icy pink), Twilight (foil dark purple), Hex My Ex (foil grunge purple), Beach Bum (matte pale brown), Flirty (foil warm mauve), Milkshake (matte pinky nude), Gravy (matte brown with yellow/orange undertones), Robot Girl (foil aluminum taupe), Faux Fur (matte taupe brown), Dreamsicle (matte pale peach with orange undertones), and Floral Coral (matte pink peach). All shades are sold on GMG’s website.

Aboni Cosmetics went bold with the two newest lipsticks. Book Smart is a pretty blue shade while Classy is a gorgeous brown shade. Both lipsticks are $10 each online.

Hipdot is the only brand that can say they have done the whole collab thing perfectly. This week, the brand went for nostalgia and THE icon of kawaii, Hello Kitty! Hipdot x Hello Kitty features the Selfie eyeshadow palette ($24), Dual-ended Lip Gloss ($14), Kitty Eyes Mascara+Eyeliner duo ($14), and Heart Sponge ($10) while the full set is $74. Everything is available on Hipdot’s website.

Alter Ego is all gold with the beautiful Luster Charm eyeshadow palette. A dupe of Pat McGrath’s Divine Rose palette, Luster Charm contains 10 chic shades for natural glam looks. Get the palette for $22 online.

Sheglam prepared us for all the spring glam with several new palettes, 9 to be exact. These 9-pan spring palettes have an amazing price tag of $6 each and are named: Splash Bash, Rose Code, Cloud Nine, Color Me Coral, Hello Yellow, Violet Vision, Hint of Mint, Rainbow Revolution, and Mystical Mosaic. The spring palettes are sold on SHEIN’s site or the app.

Bebella Cosmetics saw its flowers bloom a bit early with the stunning Flower Feels collection. This eyeshadow palette collection features four palettes each named after a flower; Daisy Daze, Oh Poppy, Lotus Love, and Sweet Sunflower. Each palette is $12 while the PR set is $45, only on Bebella’s site.

Lobos Glam Boutique is fluttering with their Flutter In Love lip gloss collection. These three glosses, Precious, Mariposa, and Self Love, are hydrating and perfect for spring. Each gloss is $12 on Lobos’ website.

Toffee Cosmetics and pigments, especially colorful ones, go hand in hand so it’s no surprise that the brand created a bundle for spring. The Spring Symphony collection includes six lustrous shades, available as a bundle ($36), or individually ($7 each). Jinx, Don’t Be Jelly, Lemon Lush, Enchanted, Cotton Candy, and Grapevine are all available online.

BH Cosmetics dropped the 4th birthstone palette, this time Diamond for all the April babies. Diamond for April is $6 on BH’s website.

Amor Us jumped on the floral trend with the gorgeous Hibiscus Dream palette. Inspired by the sun, this 32-pan palette retails for $15 online.

Beauty Creations woke up and chose *velvet* with the stunning Velvet Stay Lip Paints. This lip collection features 24 matte shades, $5.99 each. You could also splurge on your lips and get the full collection for $120. Velvet Stay Lip Paints are available on BC’s site.

Eternal Beauty Cosmetics is sweeter than candy with the pretty Cotton Candy Blueberry eyeshadow palette. The 9-pan palette is a colorful dream and only costs $15 on Eternal Beauty’s website.

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