Cosmetic Launch Roundup: March 1-8, 2021

Anyone else feel like 2021 is going a bit too fast? Seriously, we blinked and it’s already March. The only good thing about time flying like this is all the makeup releases we get week by week. Oh, and spring is nearly here so let’s get hype with some new products.

Kara Beauty is slaying 2021 with these releases and this week the brand gave us “bliss” with the stunning Blissful collection. These three eyeshadow palettes, $17.99, are so meant for spring it hurts (in a good way). Escape The Ordinary, Beyond The Sky, and Never Ending Paradise are available on Kara Beauty’s site.

BH Cosmetics’ third birthstone palette arrived on March 1st. March’s birthstone (and the palette’s name) is the Aquamarine, retailing for $9 online.

Moira Cosmetics stepped up the blush game with the Signature Ombre Blushes. 8 fantastic shades, nude and pops of color for all skin tones, these blushes will complete any spring look. Grab your shade for $9 on Moira’s website.

Hipdot is back again with another collaboration, this time blending makeup with an Easter favorite. Hipdot x Peeps (yes, the adorable candy) features a 6-pan eyeshadow palette ($16), 4-piece Sponge set ($24), or the full collection ($40). This collab is limited edition and sold on Hipdot’s site only.

Lurella Cosmetics hit us with two releases. The March subscription box is here, featuring a new eyeshadow palette created by illustrator Angela (@doodlesbythebunny) called Wishing On A Star. There are several other products in the subscription box which you can get for $29.99.

Second, the Las Comadres (close friends) palette launched. This palette features gorgeous artwork with sunflowers and 16 warm shades retailing for $22. Every product is sold online.

Ccolor Cosmetics introduced 4 lustrous lip sets, collectively called the Matte Luminosity. The four shades are nude, faded rose, burgundy, and red. Each set has a lip liner, matte liquid lipstick, and clear gloss, all for $5 on Ccolor’s site.

Alijah Storm Cosmetics joined the mystery box craze with their own version. Each Spring Mystery box contains 4 products (retail for all products is $52 total) and costs $38 online.

Amor Us gave spring realness with the gorgeous Dazzle Charm palette. 32 vibrant shades (mattes, shimmers, duochromes) for an array of festive looks. Dazzle Charm costs $15 on Amor Us’ site.

Which launch is your favorite? Share in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique for more beauty news, reviews, swatches, and more. You can also find me on social media (links in the sidebar and bottom of the page).

Photo Credits:

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BH Cosmetics (Instagram)

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Amor Us (Instagram)

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