5 Brands for Perfectly Kissable Lips

Valentine’s Day is three days away and for those of you fortunate enough to have a Valentine, I have the perfect post in mind for you. For my singles (heyyy), you can still rock a glam look and make it a self care day.

Ambreesh Cosmetics

Ever since I tried their 24K Liquid Lip set, I have been hooked on Ambreesh Cosmetics’liquid lipsticks. We’ve talked about this brand a couple times but we really have to talk about the shades to slay Vday. Besides the classic reds, pinks, and purples, Ambreesh also has some shades like peach, coral, and more.  Oh, and the lip glosses are perfect topper shades.

Serpent Beauty 

Keep things soft and flirty with Serpent Beauty’s Goddess Glosses and the Gods Matte Lipsticks. The matte shades range from sultry nudes to pretty pops of pink and red, making for inconspicuous kisses. The glosses are everything a flirty girl could want, with the stunning pinks screaming for attention. An added bonus? You can use code indieclique for 10% off your order.

BBS Cosmetics 

Get bold and let your confidence shine with these glam lippies. BBS’ lipsticks, particularly the Classic collection, are hues of bold colors like electric blue-violet, lustrous red, tangy orange, and other shades. Nothing attracts attention like a bold lip and a self-assured person.

Aboni Cosmetics 

So you want to stray from conventional shades and try something “out there”. I’ve lauded Aboni’s lipsticks a lot and for the reason that all the shades created are unique. Want a yellow lip? Grab Frenchie. Feeling green with envy watching couples loved up? Safari says hi. Whatever shade you’re feeling during the loving holiday, Aboni has it.

Beauty Creations

The Seal The Deal lipsticks that launched in back in October 2020 were made for kissing. I mean, the PR sets are literally shaped as lips. There are 24 delectable shades to choose from, nudes to purples to reds, meaning you have a shade for every occasion (and kiss).

Lipsticks, in my opinion, can make or break an entire makeup look. With that in mind, which brand/lipsticks are you picking up? Sound off in the comments and click the follow button (sidebar or footer) and also check out my social media pages.

Photo Credits:

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