Black Owned Brands You Need In Your Collection

To celebrate Black History Month, I’m highlighting black owned brands who not only produce stellar products but also embody the spirit of black excellence. As with every brand mentioned on this blog, everything is affordable and fabulous.

BAL Cosmetics (Bold and Luscious)

Founded and owned by Roberta L, this brand’s growth since its July 2020 launch has been an inspiration. From the eyeshadow palettes to the beautiful lip products, this is one brand you need to go from drab to fab.

My pick: Diva Matte lipsticks and Signature Eye Palette

Opulent Beauty Cosmetics

This brand came out the gate on September 19, 2018 and hasn’t stopped since. Virgil Wilson’s brand started with lashes and an eyeshadow palette before eventually giving us highlighters, lip products, and now concealers to achieve flawless looks. 

My pick: Lashes (specifically Rodeo Dr) and Liquid Silk Concealer (there are 13 shades)

Heavnnn Cosmetics

If there is one brand to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit, it is definitely Heavnnn Cosmetics, a brand founded in 2018. Coshenna Harris’ heaven-sent brand gave us The Sweet Shop eyeshadow palette and served up drinks in the MUA Lounge palette. Other products include lipsticks and glosses. Currently the brand is on hiatus but they’ll be back soon.

My pick: Clear lipgloss and Sweet Shop palette

Aboni Cosmetics

One of the best lipstick brands in the market, Aboni Cosmetics will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year and stands as a perfect example of longevity and product demand. With its bold assortment of lipstick shades, you’ll never have plain lips again.

My picks: Lustrum and Call Me

Seoulla Cosmetics

A truly unique brand, Seoulla Cosmetics brings an unapologetic attitude to cosmetics while advocating for the LGBTQ community. The first collab palette, Seoulla x Stelluh B, featured a hive-themed palette and then brand doubled down with the gorgeous Witching Hour palette. Inclusive and diverse, you’re sure to find something to suit your style with Seoulla.

My pick: Witching Hour

Mocha Cosmetics

Adreana Harrison’s brand continues to grow and serve us melanin realness. Following the rebrand in 2020, Mocha has been on a roll with product releases and quality. From luscious lip glosses to stunning color storied eyeshadow palettes, Mocha Cosmetics is here to slay.

My pick: Cherry Chocolate lip gloss and Pumpkin Spice, Everything Nice palette

Become Beauty Queens

Nearly two years in the game and Become Beauty Queens’ ever  expanding inventory still gets fans excited. From nails to brushes, lashes to glosses plus some cosmetic storage options, Become Beauty Queens lives up to its name.

My pick: Rose Metal brush set and Gloss Goddess collection

Rosewood Cosmetics

Created by Faith Butler, Rosewood focuses on luxurious lip glosses of a variety of shades (reds, blues, nudes, etc). These glosses are super pigmented and moisturizing, meaning you can rock them day or night, for a business meeting or on a date. Unfortunately, the brand is closed to finish its rebrand but it will triumphantly return in April for its third anniversary.

My pick: Celine and Gigi

Pink Lipps Cosmetics

Talk about using your lifelong love of makeup to create a bustling brand! KS Gant’s brand started in 2011 from her kitchen and in 2016, expanded into its own store. Pinklipps’ inventory includes lipsticks, glosses, lipliners, highlighters, and cosmetic bags + mirrors. 

My pick: Glass Gloss bundle and Luminous Glo’Lighters

Zodiac Cosmetics

Covered many times on this blog, Zodiac Cosmetics is perfect for both beginner and MUA-level makeup lovers. Founder Lisa Howard blended her love of astrology and makeup into this ethereal brand. There are 12 gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, one for each zodiac sign, along with a brush set, highlighters, lashes, mulitchrome pigments, and lipsticks.

My pick: Water sign lipstick bundle and 1 of the zodiac palettes

Project Prink

Proving that brains and beauty are a splendid mix, Project Prink Cosmetics’ laboratory themed products will become a staple in your collection. The latest collection, 90’s Fine, is inspired by time travel. Isis Aryon’s brand currently sells lashes (5 styles) and the 90’s Fine eyeshadow palette.

My pick: 90’s Fine Project Kit

BBS Cosmetics

Beauty By Santana’s bold products boost confidence and instill a boss bitch feeling. The most popular products are the lipsticks (sold in 3 collections) and are complemented by glosses, lip pencils, lashes, blushes, highlighters, brows, and eyeshadow palettes. Being bold on a budget; we love to see it!

My pick: Classic lipstick collection and Blush Sticks

Proper Fix Cosmetics

A brand that does it all. Proper Fix should be on every makeup addict’s list, with its assortment of lipsticks, glosses, liners, pigments, eyeshadow palettes, lashes, glitters, and highlighters. In honor of Black history month, Proper Fix is offering free shipping (code BLACKLOVE at checkout).

My pick: Sprung Out palette and Matte Liquid lipsticks

The Makeup Chamber

Alexis Brumfield’s brand kicked off in April 2019 with the Artist’s Palette and hasn’t slowed down since, with several collections coming out and changing the game. If you love color, there’s a palette for that. If you’re more of a neutral glam kind of person, there’s a lipstick or gloss for you too. 

My pick: The Neons palette and Birthday Suit lipstick “Cocoa”

*fun fact: This was one of the first brand’s to repost this blog! *

Chicago Girl Cosmetics

Kentrice Frison knows that every woman feels her best with full glam and her brand serves it. Going beyond makeup, Chicago Girl takes you from glam makeup to slayed hair with a full inventory of lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadow palettes, foundation, concealer, brow pencils, hair (wigs, bundles, etc), and even skincare.

My pick: Fall In Love palette and Nude Plump Glosses

Cake and Creme Cosmetics

Looking scrumptious is easy when you get products from a brand with a name like this. Inspired by sugary treats, the brand created the Creme Parlor palette, Lip Glazes, and lashes. Unfortunately the brand is on hiatus but will hopefully be back soon.

My pick: Creme Parlor palette

Playing In Makeup By Yolondo

Some of the most pigmented palettes on the market, PIMBY’s releases have a cult following for a reason. The collabs with professional MUAs mean eyeshadow palettes with diverse color stories and other products such as the bronzer, eyeshadow bases, lippies, blush, and more. PIMBY’s the name, pigment is the game.

My pick: Bloom Blush palette and Jamrock Mattes palette

Juvia’s Place

Renowned for its eyeshadow palettes and unapologetic love for African culture, Juvia’s Place has grown exponentially from its beginnings in 2016. The eyeshadow palettes are acclaimed by makeup addicts everywhere, and recent forays into more lip products and face products have also impressed. Juvia’s is even expanding into the UK sometime this year.

My pick: Any of the Influencer collabs and the I Am Magic foundation

Have you tried any of these brands before? Got any more we should know about? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out each brand; you won’t be disappointed. Also, make sure you’re following this blog and my social media pages (links in sidebar and footer!) for all things affordable beauty.

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