Recent Finds: Bella Vida Lashes

I don’t know what it is but all the new indie brands I’ve been finding are amazing and this brand is no different. Bella Vida Lashes officially launched on January 11th with four stunning lash styles, making its first appearance on the Roundup of Jan. 9-16.

Founded and owned by Bionca Valenzuela, Bella Vida Lashes is located in Arizona and the aesthetic alone makes this a brand worth watching. 

The four lash styles are Boho-Soul (natural yet flirty), Babygirl (wispy and glamorous), Bossy (bold), and Bella (flirty). Of the four, Boho-Soul is my favorite (I love a natural lash style). All four styles are $11.99 each. For now, we have lashes but I’m excited to see if Bella Vida launches highlighters, lip glosses or lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes. The potential is there and with the support I’ve seen already, Bella Vida is here to stay.


Which lash style is your favorite? What do you think of this brand? Sound off in the comments and make sure you are following Indie Clique and my social media pages (links in the sidebar and footer).

*Photo belong to Bella Vida Lashes*

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