Aboni Cosmetics’ Review

Another day, another review but this time we are looking at one of my favorite lipstick brands, Aboni Cosmetics. Their lipsticks are affordable and long-lasting, but we’ll let the review do the rest of the talking.


Aboni Cosmetics has liquid lipstick shades of almost every color, including shades that most people wouldn’t wear on a daily basis. This is part of the brand’s appeal, along with affordable prices, and part of the reason my lipstick collection has so many of their shades. I have 10 lipsticks so far and Aboni launches or restocks colors often so be sure to check the website frequently.


I swatched the shades on my arm and on my lips to see if there was any major difference in color (there was none). I have the shades Plot Twist, Dominate, Sweetest Taboo, Sweet Escape, Between Us, Frenchie, Wolfsbane, Call Me, Killer Queen, and Safari (in swatch order).


I had no issue applying each shade; the applicator is small enough to serve as a liner for precise application and the actual wand picks up enough product to do the entire top or bottom lip. Of the 10 shades, only Frenchie and Sweet Escape didn’t work well for my skin tone. but they would work well with either slightly deeper complexions or lighter complexions. All the shades are worth the money (usually $10 but on sale often).

The color lasts for hours, even through eating and drinking throughout the day. The only time I noticed a slight bit of wear is when I ate a greasy taco and even then, it wasn’t enough to deter the look of the lipstick.

The best way to remove the lipstick is with a makeup remover safe for lips (Garnier’s micellar remover is a good one) or my tried-and-true method of slathering on lip gloss and gently scrubbing with a wet washcloth.

I definitely recommend Aboni Cosmetics to anyone who loves quality lipsticks or enjoys wearing unique colors. You can check the brand out here and follow them on Instagram as well.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Safari and Killer Queen are beautiful 💕✨


    1. AJ Monique says:

      They are. I actually posted Aboni’s current sale on my IG. You can grab Safari for $1.50 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oliveunicorn says:

        Wow that’s amazing! I need to check those out than, before they’re gone.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. AJ Monique says:

        I’ve heard that to celebrate Aboni’s 10 year anniversary, she has a bunch of new shades coming in. I’m excited to see them

        Liked by 1 person

      3. oliveunicorn says:

        Oh wow ! I wonder what the new colors will be.

        Liked by 1 person

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