Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 24-31, 2020

It’s the end of a tumultuous year and these last launches of 2020 give hope that 2021 will be better in every way. Palettes galore for this last week of December sprinkled with some glitter.

Jcat Beauty added two new palettes to their Dia & Noches collectionOnce Upon A Time is a dreamy palette with purples, pinks, and blues. Around the Clock has a color story with blues, greens, and yellow. Each palette retails for $7.99 on Jcat’s site.

Lemonade Stand Cosmetics prepped for New Years early with the Midnight Kisses palette. This 18-pan palette has a bold assortment of shades to usher in the new year with glam. You can grab Midnight Kisses online for $24.

Rude Cosmetics prepped “nude” faces with the Nude York and Nude Orleans palettes. Both palettes contain a “complexion” side with 4 face products (blushes, contour, highlight) and a 9-pan eyeshadow side. Nude York suits fair skin tones while Nude Orleans gives darker skin tones a pop of color. Both palettes are available on Rude’s site for $16.50 each.

Prolux Cosmetics secretly launched a couple new eyeshadow palettes. First up is the gorgeous Carnival ($24.99), with its 78 explosively vibrant shades. Then we have Diamonds ($14.99), a glamorous 32-pan palette with every color you need. These two beauties are sold exclusively online.

Mamacita Cosmetics knows glitter so it’s no surprise that we were granted a sparkling wish with 2 new glitter bundles. The Fine Glitter Bundle Volumes 1 and 2 each have 6 glitters and retail for $15 on Mamacita’s site.

Color Story added 4 new eyeshadow palettes to the fam. Escapism (lavish spring), Ocean Oasis (flirty summer), Techtopia (jewel tones), and Fantasia (sultry shimmers). Each palette is $10 online and will be in Target stores soon.

Ruby May Cosmetics’ last launch for the year was magnetic lashes. The Loha Magnetic Lash Kit comes with 5 pairs of lashes, a magnetic eyeliner, and a lash applicator. The kit is sold on Ruby May’s site.

This is the final Roundup of 2020 and a great way to close off a bountiful year of product launches. Tell me your favorite launch in the comments and be sure you’re following this blog and my social media (links in the sidebar).

Photo Credits:

Jcat Beauty (Instagram)

Lemonade Stand Cosmetics (website)

Rude Cosmetics (website)

Prolux Cosmetics (website)

Mamacita Cosmetics (website)

Color Story Cosmetics (website)

Ruby May Cosmetics (website)

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