Glamlite Foodie Boxes #3 & #4

I have been loving Glamlite’s own subscription boxes because Gisselle (the owner and founder) gives us so many creative products and the boxes have adorable themes. The best part about the Foodie Boxes is the 7 full-sized items we get and all for $45.

Glamlite gifted us with two Foodie Boxes for the holiday season. The first was the holiday-themed box and the second, chocolate-themed, was launched a few days later.

I mentioned both boxes’ releases in previous Roundups (December 8th and December 16th respectively) and eagerly grabbed both as Christmas gifts to myself. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the second Foodie Box, the dessert-themed one launched late November, but these boxes sell out fast. Thankfully, everything is available individually so if you see anything product you like, go check it out. I plan on doing unboxing and tutorials with both boxes on my channel in the new year along with tutorials with products from both boxes.

The Holiday Box featured the all-new Pie palette ($25), a gorgeous warm-toned palette with shades reminiscent of cherry pie. Other items included the Candy Brush Trio ($18), Cookies & Milk loose highlighter ($14), Red Velvet liquid lipstick ($14), Eggnog lip gloss ($12), Pecan lip gloss ($12), and Gingerbread lashes ($10).

My favorite product other than the palette is the Pecan lip gloss. It’s a soft nude brown that pairs with most of my eyeshadow looks.

The chocolate themed box could also be called the Willie Wonka themed box because of the Golden Ticket each person received in the box. Besides all being winners of golden tickets, fans also scored Glamlite’s first ever neutral-toned palette and it’s the Chocolate Donut. This palette is stunning and honestly appeals to me more than the Donut palette that launched earlier this year.

Along with the Chocolate Donut is the chocolate donut lashes ($12), Chocolash ($10), and Chocolate bar lash ($19), S’mores Highlight and Contour palette ($18), and the previously released Hot Chocolate and S’mores lip glosses ($12 each). Every single product in this box appealed to me and I am so glad Gisselle created this theme.

Which box do you prefer? Which eyeshadow palette suits you more? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments. Make sure you are following this blog and my social media pages (links in the sidebar) so you don’t miss any reviews, unboxings, or Roundups.

*Photos were taken by me*

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    That pie palette is so cute as is the Chocolate donut. I just recently ordered from Glamlite too . I feel I would buy the Pie palette im the future as it’s such a nice color story . Ooh how is the S’more’s lipgloss ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AJ Monique says:

      You’ll love everything from Glamlite. I really feel like Gisselle works so hard to perfect every product and they always turn out amazing. The Pie palette is perfect for Vday coming up and the S’mores lipgloss is so smooth and moisturizing. It’s not sticky either and works with all sorts of looks (glam or neutral).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oliveunicorn says:

        Aw thanks 🙂 They are going on my ever growing wishlist then:) I was on Gisselle’s Instagram a few days ago and saw that she maybe making a cupcake theme soon. I wonder what it could be.

        Liked by 1 person

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