Cosmetic Launch Roundup: November 9-15, 2020

If last week’s Roundup was packed, this week kept up with the wave. More holiday collections are on the menu so let’s serve them.

Ambreesh Cosmetics curated several holiday sets perfect for lipstick addicts and these sets will be featured in the annual holiday post. There are 6 sets ranging from $32 to $58, a major deal for some really good quality lipsticks. Everything is up for grabs on Ambreesh’s site.

Lemonade Stand Cosmetics dropped a 9-pan eyeshadow palette to bring a touch of tropical flavor to the holidays. The Stand retails for $16 online.

Colourpop Cosmetics finally fulfilled beauty guru RawbeautyKristi’s dream of collaborating and the collection is stunning. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest (where I grew up!), the collection includes the At Forest Sight palette ($20), 4 Super Shock Shadows ($7 each), 3 Crème Gel Liners ($7 each), 2 Lux Glosses ($9 each). The full collection costs $82 and is available on Colourpop’s site.

Dominique Cosmetics is all festive with the gorgeous Holiday Lip Glitz lip duos. There are two lip duos; Heat of the Moment features a fierce cherry red lip gloss and matching red lip liner while In a Daze has a nude lip liner and a clear gloss. Both lip duos are $28 each or you can get the bundle with a cute matching bag for $45 online.

OMFG Cosmetics felt the fiery aura of Sagittarius season early and turned it into the Sagittarius Flame brush sets. The 5-piece brush set is $12 and the 10-piece set is $22. You can grab one (or both) on the brand’s site.

Kara Beauty launched a slew of products (one I forgot in the last Roundup). The Dazzling Lights Pressed Highlighters ($15.99 each) are available in 3 shades.

The other products are holiday lip sets. There are three sets with a mix of lipsticks and glosses; Born to Be Natural (nude shades), Read My Lips (nudes and pinks), and Sealed with a Kiss (reds). Each set is $14.99. All the products are on Kara Beauty’s website.

Coley Cosmetics technically launched its palette last week, but I didn’t catch it so here it is! The Monstera collection features the brand’s first eyeshadow palette and 5 lip glosses. The palette features 12 pretty shades (9 mattes, 3 shimmer) and costs $25. The five lip glosses are French toast scented and named: Avens (sheer gold), Kanzan (sheer pink), Fox Glove (rose gold), Huckleberry (smokey grey), and Iris (shimmery white/clear). Each gloss is $10 or you can grab the bundle for $40. Everything is also bundled for $65 and is available on Coley Cosmetics’ site.


Nyx Cosmetics released its biggest eyeshadow palette ever along with some interesting jelly shadows. The 80-pan Diamonds and Ice Please artistry palette features a wave of color with bold nudes to complement them. The massive palette costs $45 on Amazon.

The Diamonds and Ice Please Shadow Jelly shadows are reflective and come in 6 shades, each costing $9. These are available on Nyx’s site.

Kristen Leigh Cosmetics served up multichrome glam with 4 Multichrome Glitter Gels. The four shades (Intergalactic Mermaid, Moon Berry, Basilisk, and Sleep Paralysis) cost $10.99 each online

Proper Fix Cosmetics proved its future is bright with the Glowing Highlighters. There are two shades, Gold and Rose Gold, in a pressed powder formula. The highlighters are $7 each on Proper Fix’s site.

Moira Cosmetics dropped a surprise collection and fans are here for it. The Exotic Palette Series features 4 eyeshadow palettes with diamond-shaped pans and beautiful color stories. Tropical State of Mind (bright colors), Flirting Flamingos (pinks, oranges, purples), Wild In Colors (sultry greens, blues, purples), and Like a Princess (pastels) are $19 individually and $75.95 for the limited edition bundle. Get your favorite palette on Moira’s website.

Milani Cosmetics introduced us to a new fetish. The Color Fetish Shine Lipsticks come in 12 shades and the sheer to medium coverage formula keeps lips nourished. Each shade is $8.99 on Milani’s site and in stores early next year.

Prolux Cosmetics added to its Villain palette series with The Hunter palette. Inspired by Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston, the palette’s artwork features a hunter’s cabin and has an earthy color story (yellows, greens, browns). The 35-pan palette costs $20.99 on Prolux’s website.

Make sure you’re following Indie Clique here and on social media (links in the sidebar!) so you don’t miss out on the huge holiday post I do every year. There are more Roundups coming too and you don’t want to miss those either. Let me know your favorite launch from this week in the comments and I’ll see you next week.

Photo Credits:

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